Multiplication Trick for Multiples of 11

If you know how to quickly multiply any number by 11 (click on the link to read further), the short cut multiplication method for 22, 33, etc. becomes easy to grasp. It’s an extension to the earlier method and you’ve seen earlier that there is...
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8 Tips to Overcome Fear of Maths

“When did you get up this morning? At 6.35. Did you reach your destination in time? Yes, I arrived ten minutes earlier even though I got up five minutes late. I usually walk but today I took a bus. Why not a taxi? Isn’t it...
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How to Develop Effective Thinking through Puzzles

While going through an online course on EDX (Massive Open Online Courses) named Effective Thinking through Mathematics with Professor Michael Starbird, I came across couple of interesting puzzles. This course basically talks about how one can improve his thinking and make it very effective using...
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Vedic Maths Tricks for Multiplication

Both the videos given below cover Vedic Maths Multiplication Trick i.e. The Criss-Cross Method or Urdhva Tiryak Sutra. Each video is made using different tools and aids. I would request you to share your opinion on which format of the recording did you like more....
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Find Value of Sin and Cos using Fingers

Today I am going to share with you a special memory trick for trigonometry, mailed to me by Debasis Basak – a young Class IX follower of By this method we can find out Sines and Cosines of different angles. It just requires your...
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Multiplying Whole Numbers Close to Each Other

These multiplication tricks will only work for you if you have memorized or can quickly calculate the square of numbers. Learn the trick of finding square of any two digit number.  Also master the shortcut to find the square of any number. Multiplication of Two...
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Contribution of Indian Mathematicians

Famous Indian Mathematicians and their Contributions History of mathematics will remain indebted forever to the contribution of Indian mathematicians. In this post I will like to draw your attention towards the contribution of some famous Indian mathematicians dating from the Vedic period to the modern...
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Free Mathematics Resources Available Online

During our student life (school or post-school), search for useful knowledge resources for learning arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry or some other stream of mathematics is never ending.  Here let us discuss few such online free sites, which can be very useful in learning maths. These resources...
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How to convert recurring decimal to fraction?

We need to deal with recurring or repeating decimals in school, in our competitive exams and even later.  Today we’ll discuss a shortcut trick to convert recurring decimals to fractions. However, to understand it’s effectiveness, we need to first understand the method taught in schools....
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