Maths – Funny Side Up

At QuickerMaths, we have been bringing you some seriously good tips and tricks on tackling maths problems. But it is good to have some fun too every once in a while. Today, we want to talk about an amazing piece we found on how maths...
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Was Pythagoras Theorem actually proved by Pythagoras?

With all respect to Pythagoras, the so called Pythagoras’ Theorem was known to the ancient Indians long before the time of Pythagoras. Although Pythagoras introduced his theorem to the Western mathematical and scientific world long after, yet that theorem continues to be known as Pythagoras’...
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Ask or Answer a Question and Get Rewarded

I am glad that the Maths Question Answer Platform of has reached 135+ users in 2 months time since its launch. It is such a great feeling to see users asking questions and getting answers from registered enthusiasts, mutually helping each other out. Today’s...
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Mathematical Puzzles to Puzzle You

Our body needs regular exercise to stay fit and in shape. Similarly, our brain needs regular exercise to stay fit. Riddles, conundrums, crosswords and puzzles with some logic and maths problems thrown in, are guaranteed to exercise your head and add fibre to your life....
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Learn Adding Numbers in Seconds

How would you add two numbers? Let’s say I have to add 35 and 59. 35 + 59 would mean first add 5+9 = 14. Write 4 and carry over1. Then add this 1 to 3 and 5 which comes to 9. So our answer...
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7 Things to Avoid to Get Good Memory

Having a good memory is essential for becoming proficient in mathematics. It is often necessary to remember theorems (with or without proofs) to solve mathematical problems. To attain speed in solving complex problems, fundamentals of various topics should become part of the memory system. Good...
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How to Quickly Calculate Square of Any Two Digit Number?

In this post I’ve tried to improvise on the method of squaring presented in one of the earlier posts on itself. This trick of squaring any two digit number with ease is inspired by squaring techniques from the book – The Trachtenberg Speed System...
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List of Mathematics Question Answer Sites

Today I will discuss some platforms where students of maths at various levels can ask questions and get answers. You can get answers to all the problems of mathematics you couldn’t solve yourself. It’s like your maths teacher or a friend expert in mathematics is...
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