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7 Resources for Exercising and Training Your Brain Regularly

If you like challenging your grey cells with brain teasers and games, you will surely like exploring the apps and sites that I am listing here. These 7 interesting and freely available apps or websites can help you boost your critical cognitive skills and are proven to boost productivity, learning power, and self-confidence. Interested? Hang on.With the help of exercises, games and training these apps will enhance your processing skills, maths skills, memory, verbal reasoning, concentration and spatial awareness. Except a couple of these, all have their mobile apps or are available in app only. Hence easier for you to access through your smartphone.

So here goes the list

Mathrun – As the name suggests you’ve to run to score in this calculation game. Faster you can calculate, higher you can score. Available only on web.

Lumosity – Any such list is incomplete without the mention of Lumosity. It gives you enough scope to challenge memory and attention with scientific brain games designed by neuroscientists. With more than 70 million members Lumosity is worth checking out. Lumosity allows certain level of customization to make your personalized brain training program. Available both on web and mobile app.

Mind Sparke – This is how Mind Sparke describes itself – “MindSparke’s no-nonsense brain training will improve your memory and sharpen your mind, guaranteed. Train your way to a better brain within 30 days with MindSparke’s proven training.” Isn’t it interesting? Check it out. Like Lumosity it also promises personalized training. Available both on web and mobile app.

Fit Brains – “Fit Brains” by Rosetta Stone provides plethora of brain games, brain exercises and brain training to challenge your brain anytime, anywhere. Available both on web and mobile app.

Elevate – This is only available as a mobile app. With detailed progress tracking it help improves comprehension, focus and other 35 critical skills that are designed to boost productivity, learning power, and self-confidence. In this app you get a new set of researched back challenges everyday to continuously enhance your mental faculty.

Peak – Brain Training – In this android mobile app you’ll get more than 25 wonderful challenging games across different brain skills like memory, focus, language, mental agility or problem solving. They keep adding new games every month. Simply cool!

Memorado – Brain Games – If you’re fan of stunning graphics with ease in usability you would love this mobile app. This has got over 450 fun levels in 15 games to train 5 key brain areas: Memory, Logic, Concentration, Reaction and Speed

There are many more such websites and apps which promises to charge your grey cells. This list is not intended to be exhaustive. I would request you all to mention in the comments below any similar app you have used and loved.

Let’s keep adding to this list.

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