A Problem of Gooseberries

When I was a little girl, one day my mother had left a bowl of gooseberries to be shared between my two sisters Lalitha, Vasantha and myself. I went home first. I ate what I thought was my share of gooseberries and left. Then Lalitha arrives. She thought she was the first one to arrive and ate the number of gooseberries, she thought was her share and left. Lastly Vasantha arrived. She again thought she was the first one to arrive and she took what she thought was her share and left 8 gooseberries in the bowl.

When we three sisters met in the evening we reliazed  what had happened and my mother distributed the remaining 8 gooseberries in a fair share.

How did my mother do it?

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Vineet Patawari

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4 thoughts to “A Problem of Gooseberries”

  1. Since 8 berries are left which is the share of other two sisters according to Vasantha, it means total berries when she arrived were 12 because she ate her 4 berries and left 8 in the bowl.

    Similarly lalitha left 12 berries in the bowl, it means 12 berries are the share of other two sisters according to lalitha, total berriew when she arrived has to be 18.

    Same is the case with first one and you can now tell that intially there were 27 berries in the bowl.

  2. initially there were 27 berries.
    The 3 sisters ate 9, 6 & 4 berries respectively.
    But actual division should be 9, 9, 9.
    So, their mother gave 3 berries to lalita and 5 beries to vasantha.

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