A Puzzle Of Cultural Groups

My club has five cultural groups. They are literary, dramatic, musical, dancing and painting groups. The literary group meets every other day, the dramatic every third day, the musical every fourth day, the dancing every fifth day and the painting every sixth day. The five groups met, for the first time on the New Year’s day of 1975 and starting from that day they met regularly according to schedule.

Now, can you tell how many times did all the five meet on one and the same day in the first quarter? Of course the New Year’s day is excluded.

One more question-were there any days when none of the groups met in the first quarter and if so how many were there?

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Vineet Patawari

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4 thoughts to “A Puzzle Of Cultural Groups”

  1. All of them met only ONCE on the same day in first quarter.
    AND there is NO such DAY on which no group met because LITERARY group meets every other day

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