A Question of Distance

It was a beautiful sunny morning. The air was fresh and mild wind was blowing against my wind screen. I was driving from Bangalore to Brindavan Gardens. It took me 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the journey.

After lunch I returned to Bangalore. I drove for 90 minutes. How do you explain it?

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Vineet Patawari

Hi, I'm Vineet Patawari. I fell in love with numbers after being scared of them for quite some time. Now, I'm here to make you feel comfortable with numbers and help you get rid of Math Phobia!

4 thoughts to “A Question of Distance”

  1. Time taken in arriving from Bangalore to Brindavan Gardens = 1hr 30 minutes
    = 60 minutes +30 minutes = 90 minutes
    (1 hr =60 minutes)
    Time taken in returning to Brindavan Gardens to Bangalore = 90 minutes

    so the total time taken 90+ 90 =180 minutes (2 hrs)

    the time taken in reaching and returning =90 minutes =90 minutes = same

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