Develop Birbal Way of Thinking

This is the second post in the series – “Learn Solving Problems – The Birbal Way

To solve this problem you’ll require some innovative thinking. Let’s see how many of you can come up with some feasible solution to this problem posed by Akbar infront of everyone. If you can think in “the Bribal way”, you can answer this. So here goes the story –

Akbar-Birbal Tales – Retrieving the Ring

Once Akbar threw his gold ring in to a dry well and asked his ministers to retrieve it without climbing down into the well. Everyone thought deeply but could not come up with a solution. Birbal loved challenges like this. He promised the king to get back his ring before sunset.

What would have you done, had you been in the place of Birbal. Give your solution as a comment below.

If you are fond of such witty tales and you love the insight these stories provide, consider reading the book suggested in the last post – Solve Your Problems – The Birbal Way

There is another equally interesting book – Fix your Problems – The Tenali Raman Way

If you’ve read any other book similar to these, please share with all of us.

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