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Learn to Solve Simultaneous Equations Mentally

Do you struggle with solving simultaneous equations? By simultaneous I mean equations with multiple unknown variables. Generally the number of equations given will be equal to the number of equations. Let’s take an example, 3x + 4y

How to Select Right Math Tutor for Your Child

The most common way to help your child improve in his or her learning is by hiring a tutor. Hiring one does not necessarily mean that a child is a slow learner. Mathematics is one of the

Free Mathematics Resources Available Online

During our student life (school or post-school), search for useful knowledge resources for learning arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry or some other stream of mathematics is never ending.  Here let us discuss few such online free sites, which can

Interesting Picture Puzzle

If you like picture puzzles, this is post is for you.  What do you see?  The first picture below has faces hidden – but Where are they? How many are there? How Many Faces Can You Find

Palindromes – These Numbers will Make You Fall in Love with Numbers

What are Palindromes? Palindromes are very special kind of numbers. Typically a palindrome can be described as a number, word, sentence, etc. which reads same forward and backward. Specifically with regards to numbers, Palindromes are numbers which

Quick Multiplication up to 20 x 20

“I’m having trouble above 10×10.” This was a statement I heard many times while interacting with students preparing for competitive examinations including CAT. This was in response to my appeal to them to memorize tables up to

What’s your favorite equation?

It has been a while since we had a survey on any mathematics topic, so today I’d like to kick one off. What’s your favorite equation, formula, identity or inequality? Try to keep it to your top

Interesting Picture Puzzle – Answer

This post contains answer to the last post named “Interesting Picture Puzzle”. I decided to post it separately, so that new comers to the website can try first and then look at the answers. I am posting

Quick calculations for extremely large numbers

A guest post by Nandeesh H.N. of Kolkata Quick calculations with a few logarithms If you can remember a few logarithms, you can do many calculations quite easily without the aid of calculators or computers. Try to

Shortcut Method for Multiplication

A guest post by Nandeesh H.N. of Kolkata Shortcut multiplication for approximate numbers When applying the rules of multiplication of exact numbers to approximate numbers we waste time and effort in the computation of digits that will