Average Number of Arms

Try out this probability question. It may seem very simple but think twice before giving the answer

What is the probability that the next person you meet has an above average number of arms?

  1. Impossible
  2. Unlikely
  3. Likely
  4. Very Likely
  5. Certain

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Vineet Patawari

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25 thoughts to “Average Number of Arms”

  1. hai friends, there is every possibility the man u met next has above average number of arms( ammunation,gun ,pistol,revolver etc)

  2. Hey !!! ……There are two things to notice.
    Less than avg arms=Either 1 arm or No arm.
    Above avg arm=Both arms.
    total conditions=Either 1 + No arm + Both arm.
    Requirment is Above avg arms means >1
    so mathmetically its = 1/(1+1+1)=1/3=33.33% MEANS <50%
    Hence ans is UNLIKELY…..

    1. well i donno why the comm. doesnt showing less than sign
      so here it is again
      avg no. of arms must be(slightly) less than 2
      hence probability must be greater than 0.5(very likely)
      as P=(100+5)/130

  3. lets assume….there are 100 ppl with two arms
    25 ppl with one arm
    and 5 ppl with more then two arms
    now as 25 is > 5
    then avg no. of arms must be(slightly) 0.5 (VERY LIKELY)
    as P=(100+5)/130

  4. Very Likely.(mostly a person wid two arms or in any chance a handicaped with one complte arm)
    avg arms<2

  5. We know that the avg no. of arms is surely less than 2 ….
    let us suppose it is 1.8… it is close to 2 becoz there are vry less no of handicapped as compared to normal…
    now there is a 50% probability that either the next person is below 1.8 or above 1.8….
    hence among the given options

    likely is the appropriate ans..

  6. Very likely
    (since average number of arms is less than 2 since there are many handicapped persons in the world)

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