Grid Based Puzzle

Friends based on the emails I am getting I think most of you like creative and interesting logical puzzles.  So I am presenting another very interesting grid puzzle one for you.

Grid Puzzle

Below is a very special grid, around each shaded number are 8 white squares. However, each white square should have a number from 1 to 7. Once filled in, these 8 numbers will sum to the shaded number. In addition, once completed correctly, no row nor column will contain a duplicate number within a white square. For example, the top row may be 5 6 4 2 3 1 7, etc. hence no digit repeated (similar to Sudoko)


Try to fill all the blank spaces. Leave your answers below by writing the numbers row-wise.

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Answer (posted on September 17, 2010)

  1. JB
  2. Mikel Angelo
  3. Printable Targets
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  5. Darren
    • Dany
  6. Vineet Patawari
    • Vineet Patawari
  7. Matthew Burton
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  8. kishore

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