Benediktov Problem

Tricky Problem

The Great Russian poet Benediktov was very fond of mathematics and he collected and compiled a whole volume of trick brain teasers. Though this work was never published, the manuscript was found in 1924. An interesting problem contained in the manuscript, captioned ‘An ingenious Way of Solving a Tricky Problem’ goes as follows:

One woman made a living by selling eggs, had 90 eggs which she wanted her three daughters to sell. So she gave her eldest daughter 10 eggs, 30 to her second daughter and 50 to the youngest.

‘You better agree among yourselves’, she told them; ‘ about the price you’re going to ask fo you eggs, and stick to it. But I hope that the eldest will receive as much for her 10 eggs as the second will for her 30 eggs and the third for her 50 eggs. In other words each of you should bring back the same amount of money and keep in mind; the total for 90 eggs should not be less than 90 bucks.

I found this interesting puzzle from the book named More Puzzles by Shakuntala Devi.

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