Best Tips for Modern Students for Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics is the name given to the ancient mathematics system. The “Bharati Krsna Tirthaji” from the Vedas rediscovered it and according to him, all the mathematics is based on the 16 sutras. These are also known as word formulas. Below are mentioned some of the tips for the students to learn easily and become a master of Vedic math.

It is all about the numbers

Whether numerical or word formulas both of them certainly employ the use of the numbers. Make yourself master of the numbers. Learn the general multiples of all the numbers and make a habit to spend your free time with numbers only. Practice as much as you can and you will be on the right track. You can also figure out something so that you come across these numbers repeatedly. You can paste wallpaper in your room, make some numerical figure as your desktop and subscribe to numerical magazines.

Try to Grip from the Fundamentals and then move forward

Have an approach, which will make youthe basics and fundamentals strong. Once you have a grip over the basics it means half of the work is done. Try to learn what it is all about the “Sutras” and the “Sub sutras” from the starting to the end. What does it all mean? Just solving the examples will not be sufficient but you have to make sure that you have the thorough knowledge of every aspect.

Practice as much as you can

Figures always need practice and you have to make them as your part and parcel. Try to practice every exercise you get your hand on and just solving the problems will not work check the answers also. If you get wrong answers, make sure you look for the right solution and method for a specific problem. There is no end to practice try as many problems as you can since Vedic math is meant to shorten your normal problem solving time pay special attention to any shortcuts you come across and learn them by heart.

Try to Get some Good References

It is always recommended to follow some trusted books. It is always true that right teaching and guidance can do wonders and you have to search both of these for you to get into the right direction. You can follow some good reference books and take some guidance in the form of internet, magazines, friends and family members. Here is a list of some popular vedic math and other quicker maths books

Some Mind and Brain Exercise can do wonders

Since Vedic math is all about the mind, you can learn a few exercises so that your brain is fresh while you start studying the Vedic math. Our brain needs regular exercise. In addition, you can learn how to refresh your mind after several intervals. Here are 7 resources available for exercising your brain

Keeping in mind the above tips will certainly give you an edge over the others in learning Vedic math and you can solve lengthy and complicated calculations beating the calculator after learning this math.

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