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Thief in the Jhootas’ Club –  Brain Teaser

An expensive painting was stolen from the Jhootas’ Club, but the CID is having a hard time identifying the culprit because every statement made by a member of the Jhootas’ Club is false. Only four members visited the club on the day that the painting was stolen. This is what they told to the CID inspector Fredrick:

  • Anand: None of us took the painting. The painting was here when I left.
  • Bobby: I arrived second. The painting was already gone.
  • Chirantan: I was the third to arrive. The painting was here when I arrived.
  • Dinesh: Whoever stole the painting arrived before me. The painting was already gone.

Obviously neither Fredrick nor Daya could figure out who’s the thief out of the four members of Jhootas’ club. They requested you (an expert on such subjects) to solve this puzzle for them. According to you who out of these four liars stole the painting? Please explain to all of us.

  1. divi
  2. lokesh agrawal
  3. neha
  4. NIDHI
  5. Vineet Patawari
  7. Poornima Chaturvedi
  9. navita
  10. amritanshu verma
    • sartre
  12. Vineet Patawari
  13. shrenuj

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