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How to cover important topics of Algebra for JEE Main?

To command on mathematics in IIT JEE examination, Algebra is one of the key to get through. This portion of mathematics covers various topics, such as, Set Theory, Quadratic Equations, Logarithms, Permutations, Matrices and Determinants and Probability.

Learn to Solve Simultaneous Equations Mentally

Do you struggle with solving simultaneous equations? By simultaneous I mean equations with multiple unknown variables. Generally the number of equations given will be equal to the number of equations. Let’s take an example, 3x + 4y

Solution of Linear Equations in 2 Seconds

Solving Simultaneous Equation using Vedic Mathematics Let’s learn a very simple trick using which we can quickly solve linear algebraic equations with 2 variables using a Vedic Maths sutra named as Anurupye Shunyamanyat.  This is the 6th Sutra of Vedic

Fun with Algebra

This is a guest post by Danielle Brooksis, a regular contributor on If you want to write a guest post, get in touch at vineetpatawari[at]gmail[dot]com. Algebraic Equations for Fun! There was a lot of positive feedback about

What’s your favorite equation?

It has been a while since we had a survey on any mathematics topic, so today I’d like to kick one off. What’s your favorite equation, formula, identity or inequality? Try to keep it to your top

Quick method to evaluate polynomials – Horner’s method

This is a guest post by Nandeesh H.N. of Kolkata How to find the value of a Polynomial Function? Horner’s method is commonly used to find the roots of a polynomial function. However it can also be

Find the remainder – Vedic Algebra

Vedic Algebra I have got a mail from some QuickerMaths follower, to illustrate usage of Vedic Mathematics in branches of mathematics other than arithmetic. This post is for that purpose only. Here I am highlighting the usage of