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Mentally Solve Problem of Averages in Seconds

In all competitive examinations and otherwise also in our day to day calculations we encounter issues related to averages. Especially when the composition of the group changes it becomes difficult to do computations.  Let us discuss quick

5 Quick Shortcuts to Solve Time and Distance Problems

Time, Speed and Distance (TSD) is one of the most frequently occurring topics in quantitative aptitude section of many competitive exams. Here I’m putting together 5 short tricks which might come handy while answering various type of

How to Solve Successive Percentage Problems?

This time I thought of giving you the crux of the whole article at the very beginning. See the formulae above and you will know what I am talking about.

Rule of 72 – Estimation of Compound Interest and Time

Effect of Compounding The Rule of 72 is a good quick math shortcut to find out the following – Time required for an amount to double itself, at a given rate of interest Rate at which an

How to calculate EMI?

EMI Calculation In our daily life we face enormous application of mathematics. Calculation of equated monthly installments (EMI) for car or home loan is one such common application of mathematics. EMI or equated monthly installments is the most

Sale Price, Gross Margin determination – Simple Trick

I am going to share with you one trick which one great teacher, Mr S.K. Jha taught me. Simple arithmetical problems of Finding out selling price, when cost price and margin (percentage of profit on Sale) are

Time and Speed Puzzle

Raja’s office is 9 km from his home. One day, he decided to jog to work in order to increase his fitness. He estimates the journey time to be a little over 1 hour 45 minutes.

How to Find the Average Speed?

Lot of students gets confused while finding out the average speed, when various distances are travelled with different speed. Say for example, trip to Agra from Delhi is made at an average speed of 40 km/hr and