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Best Books and Guides for IBPS Exam Preparation

To crack Banking examination is not as tough as many people anticipate them to be. If you really want to score well in these examinations and grab the lucrative career opportunity in the banking sector then you

Best Books on Quicker Mathematics

In all the competitive examinations, ‘Quantitative Aptitude’ or ‘Quants’ is an important and inevitable section in the question paper. If attempted with full confidence, high speed and good accuracy, it fetches you high marks. Nothing can be

9 Books Which You Can’t Miss Reading Before Going to B-School

I have been asked these questions a lot of times. The wordings of the questions are different but the underlying query is the same. I am sure you might also have similar below stated questions in your mind

Six Thinking Hats – Effective Way of Conducting Meetings

The Six Thinking Hats method may well be the most important change in human thinking for the past twenty three hundred years I’ve just quoted the first line of the preface of the book “Six Thinking Hats”

Current Affairs Books 2012

Current affairs | general awareness | general knowledge section is as important as any other section in almost all government job competitive examinations. To improve our overall awareness there are lots of options like internet, newspapers, magazines,

Suggested Books for CAT

Lot of users are preparing for CAT and other MBA entrance examinations.  In this post I am listing down most famous, useful and effective books for CAT. You can also check out the list for best MAT

Interview with Sameer Kamat: Author of ‘Beyond The MBA Hype’

About the Author Sameer Kamat is the founder of MBA Crystal Ball, an admissions consulting venture. After completing his MBA from the University of Cambridge on a double scholarship, he worked in the area of Mergers &

Logical Reasoning Books

Reasoning, both mathematical and analytical, probes deep into your logical mind and your ability to comprehend and synthesize the given information. Evaluating various possibilities out of the given information is also essential to derive necessary conclusions. Here

List of Best Quicker Maths Books

Mathematicians love books “Mathematicians love books,” said Paul Halmos in his autobiography. Is there a mathematician hidden inside you? If yes, you would like to read many interesting books related to the subject. You might also like

Mathematics will no longer be a nightmare

Today I will confess to you something which you might get surprised at. During my early school days I was very scared of mathematics as a subject. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I might