Best books for JEE Mains Physics/Chemistry/Maths

JEE Main is one of the competitive exams which is the gateway for different engineering institutes of India including NITs and IIITs. It is also one of the hurdles that an IIT aspirant needs to cross, to be eligible for one of the toughest known exam “IIT JEE ADVANCE”. Roughly 20% of the registered students clear IIT JEE Main every year.

A set of 30 questions in each subject, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics in a time period of 180 minutes (3 hours) is not a task that can be counted easy. One has to be fast and accurate while solving questions, since any mistake can lead to negative marking.

The marking scheme is quite simple for the exam, as every correct answer awards 4 marks and every incorrect deducts 1 from his aggregate total. So it is clear that one is being evaluated in a maximum score of 360.

JEE Main is one of the exam that is based on basic concepts and understanding of different principles/theorems that are being taught in 11th and 12th standard. The syllabus of the exam includes all the topics that are included in NCERT books.

The exam has all types of questions, some of them are based on principles (like Archimedes, Bernoulli, etc.), theorems (Pythagoras, Theorems for triangles, etc.) and applications of theory (Projectile, Equations of motion, etc.). It has both theoretical and numerical type of problems, with 4 multiple choices. Among the 4 choices, only one choice is most appropriate or correct.

One can follow multiple books to practice and learn the concepts that are required to crack the exam. The most recommended books for understanding of basic concepts for JEE Main is NCERT books (for all the three subjects). It is counted as a baseline material for JEE Main and learning all the principles, formulas and theorems. It is one of the best book for theoretical questions as some of the problems in JEE Main are manipulated from NCERT textbooks.

Once an aspirant has completed the theoretical study from NCERT books, he/she can refer below-mentioned books for practice and improving on their concepts.


There is one well known book by a professor in IIT Kanpur, naming “Concepts of physics by H.C Verma”. The book comes in 2 volumes(Concepts of Physics Vol.1 and Vol.2) and are the most recommended books for JEE aspirants. This book includes short answer type questions to sharpen one’s basic understanding. Also this book includes, single choice and multiple choice questions that can be very helpful to build up your concepts and apply whatever you have learnt in your theory. At the end of every topic, you can find exercise problems, which can be really fruitful to score good marks in JEE Main.

That single book can surely make you crack JEE Main with a very good score along with NCERT Physics book. If you feel you still have time, you can check DC Pandey (Arihant Publications) and Resnic Halliday.



Concentrate on NCERT for theoretical questions and learning of concepts including chemical reactions and formulas. NCERT chemistry can be referred for solving theoretical problems, but it doesn’t have good number of problems. For practice of problems and extending your knowledge towards different topics, you can refer these books-

For Organic chemistry-

  • Organic chemistry by O.P Tandon
  • Concept of Organic Chemistry by M.S Chauhan

For Inorganic chemistry

  • Inorganic chemistry by J.D Lee
  • Inorganic chemistry by O.P Tandon

For Physical chemistry-

  • Numerical Chemistry by R.C Mukherjee
  • Physical Chemistry by O.P Tandon

Practice as many problems (numerical as well as theoretical) from the mentioned books when you are through with NCERT books and you surely can score really well in Chemistry.


Mathematics is considered as one of the subjects that play a vital role in cracking IIT JEE Main and scoring a good rank. For learning concepts and theorems, one can refer Mathematics NCERT book, but it doesn’t have very good level problems for practice.

For practicing Mathematical problems and to get idea of implementation of theorems/principles, you can refer these books-

  • Objective Mathematics by R.D Sharma.
  • IIT Mathematics by M.L Khanna
  • Trigonometry by S.L Loney
  • Geometry by S.L Loney
  • Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight

Once you are through with the above mentioned books, you must practice mock test papers and solve previous year exam papers. Some of the mock test papers are released by JEE organising committee (CBSE earlier, NTA from 2019 onwards) and some are available from different publications. Some of the publications are-

  • Arihant publications(Most recommended)
  • Disha publications
  • Balaji publications

Mock tests can help you to get an idea of where you stand and a rough estimate of how much you can score. The last two to three weeks before the exam must be dedicated to solving previous year’s problems. You should take last 15 year papers of IIT JEE Main and solve them. That will get you ready for your IIT JEE Main exam and you will be surely score really good.

Along with theory, numerical questions will help you boost your marks and get you a very good rank. As it is said for competitive exams-

“More you practice, closer you move towards scoring good marks”.

Don’t forget to download JEE Main preparation app on Google Play Store. It provides free notes, topic-wise study material, quizzes, mock test, question papers, and all the updates related JEE Mains/Advanced exam.

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Best Books and Guides for IBPS Exam Preparation

To crack Banking examination is not as tough as many people anticipate them to be. If you really want to score well in these examinations and grab the lucrative career opportunity in the banking sector then you need to follow certain steps:-

  • One needs to focus on its preparations in structured manner
  • One should know the exact pattern of the Banking examination he/she is preparing
  • One has to score well in all the sections to clear the sectional cut-offs and step forward to the Interview level
  • With the help of various self study books candidates can develop their fundamentals of various topics under Banking examinations
  • One needs to practice as much as possible from multiple sources available in the market

As there are innumerable books floating around in the market for preparation of Banking Examination, you need to choose your books wisely. Below I am listing the brief description of few best books available in the market, which you can refer for the examinations.

IBPS – CWE 15 Practice Papers / Previous Year Solved Paper for Probationary Officer (PO)

It is a set of 2 books- (i) IBPS CWE 15 Practice Papers for Probationary Officer (PO)  (ii) IBPS CWE Previous Year Solved Papers for Probationary Officers – Purchase Online

IBPS Common Recruitment Process PO / MT Online Pariksha

This book is published by GKP publilcation (2014). The content of the book contains Solved question papers of last two years, Practice Paper I & II. Apart from this, it also covers topics like- Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency, Reasoning,English Language, General Awareness, Computer/ Marketing Aptitude, Argumentative English – Purchase Online

IBPS CWE PO / Management Trainee Examinations – An Authentic Guide

There is another book written by Sachchida Nand Jha which contains Reasoning both Verbal & Non-Verbal and General Awareness – Purchase Online 

Target IBPS-CWE Bank PO/ MT Practice Workbook: 15 Objective + Descriptive Tests (With CD)

This book is thoroughly revised & updated the second edition along with CD in English.It is the most recommended book for Common Written examination(CWE) conducted by IBPS for the post of Bank Probationary officer & Management Trainees. The content of this book provides 10 practice sets of latest pattern in the book and 5 practice sets in the CD. – Purchase Online

IBPS Bank PO/MT CWE Practice Work Book

This Practice workbook is published by Kiran. It consists of Model Solved Papers of last four years. – Purchase Online

IBPS Bank Probationary Officers Management Trainees Common Written Exam. 1st Edition

This is one of the best book for those candidates appearing for Probationary Officer & Management Trainees post. It consists of Previous years solved Question Papers and it covers sections like- General Awareness, Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, English Language, Computer knowledge, English composition, Letter Writing, Precis Writing, Essays – Purchase Online

Bank PO and Management Trainee Common Written Exam (CWE-IBPS) Guide

There is another guide for those applicants seeking for Probationary Officer & Management Trainees post. The content of the book covers topic like Previous year solved paper,Test Paper (solved) on Socio-Economic & Banking Awareness, Banking Awareness (MCQs), General Awareness(MCSs), Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, data Sufficiency, English Language, Computer Knowledge. Apart from these topics, Descriptive tests is also included – Purchase Online

IBPS (CWE) Probationary: Officers Guide (Hindi)

This book is the unique master guide for the candidates preparing for Bank PO & management Trainees in Hindi Edition. – Purchase Online

IBPS-CWE RRB Guide for Officer Scale 1, 2 & 3 Exam with Practice CD (Paperback)

This is the best guide book for the candidates looking for recruitment in Officer scale-I, II & III post which also carries practice CD. It is based on 2012 examination pattern conducted by IBPS. The content covers 5 topics- English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation, Reasoning, Computer Language and general Awareness including banking Knowledge & Financial Awareness. – Purchase Online

IBPS – CWE RRB – Guide for Office Assistant Multipurpose Exam with Practice CD

This guide book is very much helpful for the candidates appearing for office Assistant (Multipurpose) post conducted by IBPS for 62 RRB( Regional Rural Banks)of India.This provides specific sections for Reasoning, English Language,Numerical Ability, General Awareness with special reference to Banking Industry & Computer Knowledge.- Purchase Online  

IBPS CWE Regional Rural Banks Office Assistant (Multipurpose) : Common Written Examination

This book is mostly recommended for the candidates seeking recruitment in Group B Office Assistant(Multipurpose) post organized by IBPS for Regional Rural Banks of India.It covers four sections:-Reasoning, Numerical Ability, English Language, & computer Knowledge. – Purchase Online

IBPS CWE Regional Rural Banks Officers Scale I, II & III Exam : Success Master

This is the best guide book for the candidates looking for recruitment in Group A Officer scale-I, II & III post organized by IBPS. The content of this book covers 6 topics- English Language, Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation, Reasoning Ability, Computer Knowledge, Professional Knowledge and Financial Awareness. Its also contains both solved & unsolved questions which candidates can practice to master their skills. – Purchase Online

The list can go on and the more exhaustive we make it better it is. I have given the first few names above, now the ball is in your court. If you’ve used some other book and feel it should be added here, feel free to mention it in the comment below.

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Best Books on Quicker Mathematics

In all the competitive examinations, ‘Quantitative Aptitude’ or ‘Quants’ is an important and inevitable section in the question paper. If attempted with full confidence, high speed and good accuracy, it fetches you high marks. Nothing can be more scoring than maths. However, most of the candidates are scared of mathematics. Even if they know the correct method they make blunders during examinations as they are not confident because of weak basic fundamental knowledge. This phobia for mathematics can be easily terminated, with the help of some magical books written by great authors. These books do not only help you to increase your confidence level but also help you to fall in love with maths.

These books can definitely improve the overall efficiency in mathematics for anyone and everyone in general. Find below the list of the most trusted and popular books on Quicker Maths. Read More

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9 Books Which You Can’t Miss Reading Before Going to B-School

I have been asked these questions a lot of times. The wordings of the questions are different but the underlying query is the same. I am sure you might also have similar below stated questions in your mind –

  • What books should I read before I go to MBA College? Or,
  • Suggest me the best books before I go for my MBA? Or,
  • Good books to read prior to MBA, or,
  • Interesting books to read to develop reading habits before I go to B-School

Today I thought of writing this post with these questions in mind to help everyone B-School aspirants. I believe you need to be a voracious reader to be successful as a manager. I am giving you a list of books which I feel is must read for every MBA aspirant. So here goes the list –

List of Best Books for MBA aspirants

Book #1 – The Ten-Day MBA: A Step-By-Step Guide To Mastering The Skills Taught In America’s Top Business Schools 

By Steven A. Silbiger – This book includes the latest topics taught at top business schools across the world, including leadership, corporate ethics and compliance, financial planning, and real estate. The book is written in a very lucid manner and is easy to understand for students from any background.It enables readers to absorb the material, speak the language, and acquire the confidence and experience needed to succeed in the competitive environment of good b-schools like IIMs. –
India – Purchase Online
Out of India – Purchase Online

Book #2 – How to Win Friends and Influence People ­

By Dale Carnegie – In the human relationships and communication skills world, the best book to read is this. According to wikipedia’s list of best selling books, more than 15 million copies have been sold world wide –
Inida – Purchase Online 
Out of India – Purchase Online

If you’re a girl there’s another interesting book for you, How to Win Friend and Influence People for Girls – By Donna Dale Carnegie –

Book #3 – The Fountainhead

By Ayn Rand – Without getting philosophical this book has amazing power of changing the way you look at the world. This is one of the most influential books I have read. You will understand what I mean after reading the complete book –

IndiaPurchase Online
Out of IndiaPurchase Online

Book #4 – The Alchemist  by Paulo Coelho

The central theme of this fable is when you want something, the universe conspires in helping you achieve it. A must read for all aspiring managers – 
India – Purchase Online
Out of India – Purchase Online 

Book #5 – Rich Dad Poor Dad

Simple yet powerful lessons on managing money, entrepreneurship and much more by Robert T. Kiyosaki –
India – Purchase Online
Out of India – Purchase Online

Book #6 – The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

The best way to understand the dramatic transformation of unknown books into bestsellers, or the rise of teenage smoking, or the phenomena of word of mouth or any number of the other mysterious changes that mark everyday life. By Malcolm Gladwell –
India – Purchase Online
Out of India – Purchase Online

If you are interested in finance, especially investing and want your MBA interview to be directed in that direction you can read these couple of books –

Book #7 – The Intelligent Investor

The author of this phenomenal book is widely regarded as one of the greatest investment advisors of the twentieth century. He shares his philosophy of value investing, a concept that can protect investors from considerable errors and subsequent losses. By Benjamin Graham –
India – Purchase Online
Out of India – Purchase Online

Book #8 – One Up On Wall Street: How To Use What You Already Know To Make Money In The Market

America’s most successful money manager tells how average investors can beat the pros by using what they know. Author Peter Lynch –
India – Purchase Online
Out of India – Purchase Online

If you’re from non-commerce background first trimester / semester might be a night mere without any knowledge of accounts. Hence here is the simplest book on account –

Book #9 – Accounting Made Easy

This awesome book provides a simple and easy-to-assimilate introduction to the subject of Financial Accounting. The structure of the book has been defined and built around two levels. The first level helps the readers to build an understanding of accounting in a step-by-step manner. The second level builds a bridge between the accounting learnt in the first level and the real-world accounting. By Rajesh Agarwal, R Srinivasan –
India – Online Purchase
Out of India – Online Purchase

In my earlier posts I have also written about the best books for CAT preparation and books for MAT preparation.

Suggest books to be read before going for an MBA by posting a comment below. 

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Six Thinking Hats – Effective Way of Conducting Meetings

six thinking hats

The Six Thinking Hats method may well be the most important change in human thinking for the past twenty three hundred years

I’ve just quoted the first line of the preface of the book “Six Thinking Hats” by Edward de Bono. The Six Hats method is an amazingly simple technique based on the brain’s distinct ways of thinking.

Brainstorming sessions or meetings are unavoidable part of our life. However, mostly these produce no results and waste lot of time. This technique, named as Six Thinking Hats by its founder Edward de Bon, is thinking from different perspectives about a decision to be made. This forces you to think outside your habitual way of thinking and helps you to get an overall view of a situation.

Lot of people mostly think from a critical or negative point of view. On the other hand, many successful individuals think from a very positive viewpoint. However, it becomes difficult for them to analyze the issue from various angles like intuition, emotion, creativity, etc. This may result in unnecessary attachment to a plan and thus underestimating the opposition, if you’re too positive about it. Similarly, cynics may be excessively defensive and emotional individuals may fail to look at the problem rationally with peace of mind.

How to use the method and what each hat denotes?

White Hat – Everyone in the meeting just thinks and analyses data, information, past trends, facts and figures.

Red Hat – You look at the problem using gut feeling, emotions and intuition without caring about logical reasoning

Black Hat – looks at the negative points, possible flaws, risks and thus helps in creating a contingency plan and helps in eliminating the week points of a plan.

Yellow Hat – it talks about good things and thus presents an optimistic point of view. It helps in gloomy situation when no one is ready to think about positive outcomes.

Green Hat – it signifies creativity, hence coming up with out of box solutions to a problem.

Blue Hat – person wearing blue hat directs the group on usage of various hats. Normally, the chairman of a meeting assumes this role.

The book Six Thinking Hats (flipkart affiliate link) is worth reading to understand proper way of using this powerful technique. I’ve given the affiliate link of flipkart, in case you would like to order it online.

Edward de Bono has written many books but according to me some of his amazingly superb and game changing books are –

Do you like reading such lateral thinking books? Have you read any such book? What’s your take on such books?

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Current Affairs Books 2012

Current affairs | general awareness | general knowledge section is as important as any other section in almost all government job competitive examinations. To improve our overall awareness there are lots of options like internet, newspapers, magazines, etc.  However, there are very few options for exam specific preparation. The most striking part of this section is that there cannot be any prescribed format to prepare oneself for it. Fortunately, there are some wonderful books which can help you to sail through these competitive examinations. I am listing the most trusted books on current affairs and general awareness below.

Manorama Yearbook 2012 (Free CD)This best seller has a long history of success. It is India’s best General knowledge update covering almost everything that a student needs in competitive examinations Purchase Online Read More

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Suggested Books for CAT

Lot of users are preparing for CAT and other MBA entrance examinations.  In this post I am listing down most famous, useful and effective books for CAT.

You can also check out the list for best MAT preparation books

Books for All Topics of CAT

Books mentioned below are meant for all topics of  CAT including verbal ability (english), logical reasoning and data interpretation and quantitative ability (mathematics)

Pearson Complete Guide To The CAT

Author: Nishit Sinha

Nishit Sinha’smotto—‘Doing the right things and then doing the things right’—is the sure-shot way to success, and is the philosophy behind this book. Providing the student with a detailed inside view to cross the CAT hurdle, Sinha’s attention to the each section of the CAT and his tips based on his comprehensive study will go a long way in helping students to succeed in the exam.

CAT Test Suite

Learn and implement new strategies, identify your strong and weak areas, receive personalized feedback and compare your performance to that of your peers. Use the CAT Test Suite on the CD-ROM to familiarize yourself with the online CAT – Buy online

How To Prepare For The CAT (set of 3 books)

Author: Arun Sharma

How To Prepare For The CAT specifically mentions the important concepts that are to be studied in order to perform well in the examination. It has been revised by authorities who specialize in the field and the information provided has been marked as authentic data. The book is up-to-date and for this reason, has all the data that may come in handy during the exam – Buy online

Books for Quantitative Ability in CAT

How To Prepare For Quantitative Aptitude For CAT

Author: Arun Sharma

The revised and updated edition of this popular and widely read book for cat aspirants is now in an all-new format and structure. The entire content has been clearly compartmentalized into 7 blocks for a much effective preparation. Based on the latest trends and format of the cat, three levels of difficulty in every chapter, Use of short cuts and techniques both in theory and problem solving processes, Concise organize of the chapters into multiple blocks, varied range of problems with different levels of difficulty. This book is part of the set of books mentioned above.

Additions in latest edition – Buy Online

  • Addition of four previous year CAT question papers
  • Addition of 200 new problems in the light of changing trends in CAT
  • Minor addition in chapters according to the recent trends in CAT

The Pearson Guide To Quantitative Aptitude For The CAT

Author: Nishit Sinha

This book has solutions to all your quants related issues.  A reader-friendly book which explains concepts in a concise manner and includes numerous examples and worked-out problems. The practice problems are presented in four levels of difficulty. An attractive thing about this book is that it also contains a chapter on Vedic mathematics and I don’t need to tell you the importance of it – Buy online

Books for Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation in CAT

Click here to check out the post where I’ve suggested books for the preparation of Reasoning and DI-DS section of CAT and other competitive exams.

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Interview with Sameer Kamat: Author of ‘Beyond The MBA Hype’

About the Author
Sameer Kamat is the founder of MBA Crystal Ball, an admissions consulting venture. After completing his MBA from the University of Cambridge on a double scholarship, he worked in the area of Mergers & Acquisitions for 5 years before leaving the corporate world to become an entrepreneur. He is also the author of Beyond The MBA Hype published by HarperCollins. This article draws upon the insights covered in the book.

Read More

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Logical Reasoning Books

Reasoning, both mathematical and analytical, probes deep into your logical mind and your ability to comprehend and synthesize the given information. Evaluating various possibilities out of the given information is also essential to derive necessary conclusions.

Here I am trying to compile a list of some of the best books related to logical thinking, data interpretation, data sufficiency and analytical reasoning. What distinguishes these books from the rest is their easy-to-understand format and simple approach to complex problems. I feel that the following logical reasoning books will be really helpful for students who are preparing for Competitive Examinations like LSAT, CAT, GMAT, GRE or any other.

Feel free to suggest any book which you want to be included in this list. I am also putting a link for each book, so that you can order them online and get free home delivery and good discounts. Each book is an investment for lifetime.

List of Best Logical Reasoning Books

I think each book in this list is written in very lucid language and is superb source of knowledge. These books can surely change your conventional approach to reasoning problems.

Click on the “Buy Online” link to read summary and reviews of any book in this list –

1. How to Prepare For Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning for the Cat by Arun Sharma – Buy Online

2. Pearson Guide to Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation for The Cat by Nishit K Sinha – Buy Online

3. A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning by R. S. Aggarwal – Buy Online

4. Logical Reasoning: Test Preparation Study Guide, Questions & Answers by National Learning Corporation – Buy Online

5. Management Entrance Analytical & Logical Reasoning by BS Sijwali, Ajay Singh – Buy Online

6. LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible: A Comprehensive System for Attacking The Logical Reasoning Section Of The LSAT by David M. Killoran – Buy Online

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List of Best Quicker Maths Books

Mathematicians love books

“Mathematicians love books,” said Paul Halmos in his autobiography.

Is there a mathematician hidden inside you?

If yes, you would like to read many interesting books related to the subject. You might also like to suggest these books to others. This is done with the hope, that they’ll also start loving mathematics as much as you do.

Where should you start?

There are lots of math books out there. So it’s hard to choose.
Here I am making an effort to list down some of the best books related to quick calculations, mental mathematics or speed arithmetic. These books are amazingly interesting and helpful for our daily life calculations.

Feel free to suggest any book which you want to be included in this list. I am also putting affiliate link for each book. This list includes books which are of generic use to enhance maths skills overall. However, in other articles I’ve also written about maths books for competitive examinations and specifically books for CAT preparation and MAT preparation

List of Best Fast Calculation Books

I think each book in this list is written in very lucid language and is superb source of knowledge. These books can surely change the way you perceive mathematics, especially arithmetic. Click on the “Buy Online” link to read summary and reviews of any book in this list –

  1. Vedic Mathematics – By Bharati Krsna Tirthaji – Buy Online
  2. The Trachtenberg Speed System Of Basic Mathematics – By Jakow Trachtenberg – Buy Online
  3. Math Magic: The Human Calculator Shows How To Master Everyday Math Problems In Seconds – By Scott Flansburg – Buy Online
  4. Miracle Math: How To Develop A Calculator In Your Head – By Harry Lorayne – Buy Online
  5. Doing Simple Math in Your Head – By W. J. Howard – Buy Online
  6. How To Calculate Quickly: Full Course In Speed Arithmetic – By Henry Sticker – Buy Online
  7. Rapid Math Tricks And Tips: Thirty Days To Number Power – By Edward H. Julius – Buy Online
  8. Shakuntala Devi Books like
    • The Book of Numbers
    • Figuring: The Joy of Numbers
    • Mathability: Awaken the Math Genius in your child
    • In the Wonderland of Numbers

If you have read any book from the above list, share your feedback by posting a comment below.

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