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Top colleges offering Bachelors in Mathematics in India

There are various colleges which offer Bachelors in Mathematics course for the aspiring students. It is the responsibility of the students to find out the best colleges for the courses they wish to opt for. Below is

How to prepare for mathematics in UPSC examination?

Preparing for UPSC exam is a challenging task but choosing a good optional subject increases your chances for qualifying. Mathematics is one such key player. If you have a mathematics background and have interest in that subject,

4 Tips for Building a Good Relationship With Your Child’s Math Tutor

Today, getting a tutor for a child having difficulties with math is a normal course of action to take. If your child needs help with understanding certain concepts in geometry, algebra, calculus, or with applying the unitary

7 Ways To Support Your Child’s Maths Learning

As parents, you can help your child want to learn maths in various ways apart from hiring maths tutors. That desire to learn will be the key to your child’s success. Enjoyment is also a crucial motivator

How to Select Right Math Tutor for Your Child

The most common way to help your child improve in his or her learning is by hiring a tutor. Hiring one does not necessarily mean that a child is a slow learner. Mathematics is one of the

Which Financial Calculator to Buy?

Are you taking any financial certification exams like CFA, CFP or CPA? Are you having a tough time calculating your loan payments? Are you facing difficulties figuring out interest amounts and payment schedule? Are you interested in

7 Resources for Exercising and Training Your Brain Regularly

If you like challenging your grey cells with brain teasers and games, you will surely like exploring the apps and sites that I am listing here. These 7 interesting and freely available apps or websites can help

What can you do after a degree in Mathematics?

Mathematics is an often misunderstood subject. People tend to believe that not only do you need to be a genius to pursue this subject, there is not a lot of scope in terms of job opportunities –

Why Being Good at Math Matters for Your Career?

Mathematics is undoubtedly one of the most important subjects having far reaching implications over different areas of day to day life. Mathematics is just not a subject; it is about logical analysis and thinking. As Mathematician John

6 Best Apps to Make Maths Fun for Students and Teachers

Advancement in technology and its use in classroom have greatly influenced the process of teaching and learning in and outside the school. Mathematics is a subject that most of the students either find too boring to study