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Permutations and Combinations – Part 5- Grouping & Distribution

Grouping and Distribution This is a very important concept of permutation and combination where some higher order fundamentals of permutation and combination is involved – the reason for reserving this topic for the end. What is the

Permutations and Combinations – Part 4- Combinations

This article is the fourth in a series of 5 articles. Here we will be discussing a pet topic of all competitive examinations – Combinations. I would advise you to go ahead with this article only after

Permutations and Combinations – Part 3- Special Cases of Permutations

Since you are already familiar with the fundamental principle of counting and the concept of permutations, we can move ahead with some special cases of permutations in this article. By now you already know: # With respect

Permutations and Combinations – Part 2- Permutations Introduced

This article is the second of a series of five articles. In the first part we had discussed the fundamental principle of counting. The first part is essential for you to understand the difference between ‘and’ &

Permutations and Combinations – Part 1- Fundamental Principle of Counting

Permutations and Combinations is one of the most logical phenomenon of mathematics wherein there are no formulae to mug up. Rather, it tests your ability to understand the problem and interpret the situation logically. It is more