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Interesting Applications of Remainder Theorem

Remainder Theorem & its application We have all learnt the Remainder Theorem in class 10 (now i am in 11) that when you divide a polynomial f(x) by x-c the remainder r will be f(c). Now let’s

The Mysterious Number 22

Number 22 Everywhere? Numbers never fail to surprise us. This post talks about one such amazing property of number 22. Select any three-digit number with all digits different from one another. Write all possible two-digit numbers that

Miles to Kilometers – Incredibly Simple Method of Conversion

Relationship between Miles and Kilometers Mile is an English unit of measuring length or distance and it is equal to 5280 feet or 1760 yards  (for your information, 1 yard = 3 feet). Whereas, Kilometer is the

Why 1089 is a Wonderful Number?

This article is about a number that has some truly exceptional properties. That number is 1089 Most Amusing Property of 1089 Select a three digit number (where the units and hundreds digits are not the same) and follow

Squaring Numbers in a Simple and Fun way

Squaring numbers is a tedious job if you do not know vedic maths shortcuts and other tricks and tips. Imagine having to waste your precious seconds in carrying out actual multiplications to find out squares during an

How I chanced upon Factorial Function

Today we will see how Piyush Goel(the contributor of this article) discovered something while playing with numbers. Here is the story contributed by him: One day while sitting idle, and having nothing important to do I was

How to find the largest power of a number that divides a factorial number?

Factorial Factorial of a number or n! is the product of n consecutive natural numbers starting from 1 to n. Hence, 4! is nothing but 1x2x3x4 = 24 Common Type of Questions on Factorials Two types of

How many zeros are there at the end of 100 factorial?

How many zeros at the end of 100 factorial? How many trailing zeros in 1000 factorial? Do you get baffled by questions like these? How useful is calculator in solving this problem? Sadly, calculator is not of much help

How to Convert from Other Number Bases to Decimal System?

Questions on conversion of numbers in some base to some other base is very common in competitive examination. Here in this post I present a simple technique to help you do such conversions. First, let us understand

Solving Number Series Questions Can Be So Simple…Learn How?

In the last article, I had discussed various types of series. Today I will discuss how to approach a series problem once you have identified what kind it is. Let me be honest. There is no algorithm