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How to convert recurring decimal to fraction?

We need to deal with recurring or repeating decimals in school, in our competitive exams and even later.  Today we’ll discuss a shortcut trick to convert recurring decimals to fractions. However, to understand it’s effectiveness, we need

How to express fractions as decimals

In the past few days I didn’t enough time to think and write about a any topic on Today the suggestion of this topic came from one of you, so half the work was done. Friends

Comparison of Fractions

Comparison of fractions: Suppose, some fractions are to be arranged in ascending or descending order of magnitude. Rule: Convert each one of the given fractions in the decimal form. Now, arrange them in ascending order as per requirements.

Decimal Fraction Rules

Multiplication of a decimal Fraction by a Power of 10: Rule: Shift the decimal point to the right by as many places of decimal as is the power of 10.