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Squaring Numbers in a Simple and Fun way

Squaring numbers is a tedious job if you do not know vedic maths shortcuts and other tricks and tips. Imagine having to waste your precious seconds in carrying out actual multiplications to find out squares during an

Calculate Square Root Quickly Without Calculator

In this post, we will learn how to find the square root of numbers which are not perfect squares. The answer we get using this quick calculation technique gives us an approximate answer. However, approximation becomes a

How to Quickly Calculate Square of Three Digit Numbers?

Learn to Quickly Calculate Square of Any Three Digit Number The method of squaring any 3 digit number is an extension of my last post on finding square of any two digit number. To understand and appreciate

How to Quickly Calculate Square of Any Two Digit Number?

In this post I’ve tried to improvise on the method of squaring presented in one of the earlier posts on Quickermaths.com itself. This trick of squaring any two digit number with ease is inspired by squaring techniques

Shortcut to Find Square of 2-Digit Numbers with Unit Digit as 1

Special shortcut methods of squaring 2 digit numbers In previous articles we’ve discussed special shortcut Vedic Math Techniques to find the square of any number ending in 5 and square of 2 digit numbers ending in 9.

How to Find Square of Numbers Ending in 9

Squaring any number ending in 9 We can easily calculate the square of any number ending in 9 using the method described in this post. Let us understand this method with the help of an example – Finding

Trick to Find Square of Numbers from 51 to 59

I’ll share with you one simple method of finding the square of numbers between 50 and 60. Like many other Vedic Mathematics methods, in this method also, we will get the answer in two parts. Since the

Squaring any 2-digit number

A guest post by Maria Rainier Shortcut to Squaring Any 2-Digit Number What do you do when your calculator has been confiscated and the world is depending on you to square a two-digit number within a minute?

Perfect Square Puzzles

Squaring Puzzles- Find below 2 interesting puzzles related to square of some number. Hope you will like them. Puzzle 1 The square of 13 is 169.  Take the last digit of the square, 9, and place it

Shortcut to Find Square of a Number

Today I will discuss a very simple method of finding square of numbers between 26 to 74 mentally. In the subsequent post we will cover higher numbers. So keep watching this space to learn squaring any number