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Using Arithmetic Signs

One of our regular visitor Aisharya Rana contributed this puzzle, which I found interesting. Hence I’m posting here to be pondered upon by all. Post your answers as comments below – Arithmetic Puzzle In this puzzle you

2 + 2 = 5? Two Plus Two Equals Five?

Two plus Two Equals Five, is it possible? “Two plus two equals five” (“2 + 2 = 5“) is a famous phrase used in George Orwell’s book Nineteen Eighty-Four; therein, it is used as an example of

Age of Three Sons – Interesting Induction Puzzle

Today I’m giving you a very interesting induction puzzle. I’m sure you’ll enjoy solving it. Put your answers in the comment below. I don’t have an option to hide the answers given, hence I would request you

Manholes Cover Puzzle

Why is it better for manhole cover to be round rather than square? Any problem can be solved in many creative ways. The more street smart you’re, the more logical you’re you can think of many ways

Strawberries and Blueberries Riddle

Let us keep today’s post a little fun. So I have this little riddle for you all. There are three fruit boxes. One has strawberries, one has blueberries and the other has strawberries and blueberries both. The boxes

Mathematical Puzzles to Puzzle You

Our body needs regular exercise to stay fit and in shape. Similarly, our brain needs regular exercise to stay fit. Riddles, conundrums, crosswords and puzzles with some logic and maths problems thrown in, are guaranteed to exercise

Mind Reading Number Trick

Many a times we are amazed by some number tricks displayed by our friends or teachers.  It seems that they can enter our mind and guess accurately what we were thinking. We always wanted to have such

How to Develop Effective Thinking through Puzzles

While going through an online course on EDX (Massive Open Online Courses) named Effective Thinking through Mathematics with Professor Michael Starbird, I came across couple of interesting puzzles. This course basically talks about how one can improve

A Milky Problem – Milk and Water Solution Puzzle

An Intriguing Mixture and Alligation Puzzle We have two one litre bottles. One contains quart of milk and the other quart of water.  (1 quart = 0.9463 liters) We take a tablespoonful of milk and pour it

Ponder This Challenge

Have a look at these special numbers: 1233 and 990100. Do you notice anything special in these numbers? Yes, these numbers are out of the ordinary indeed. If you break such numbers into two equal parts and