Ponder This Challenge

Have a look at these special numbers: 1233 and 990100. Do you notice anything special in these numbers?

Yes, these numbers are out of the ordinary indeed. If you break such numbers into two equal parts and add their squares, you recover the same number.

1233 = 12^2 + 33^2

990100 = 990^2 + 100^2.

Can you find an eight-digit number N with the same property, namely that if you break N into two four-digit numbers B and C, and add their squares, you recover N?  Read More

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What Question Should You Ask?

Puzzles are not always about answering a question. Sometimes it is also about asking a question. Try asking the right question to solve this problem.

You are in a room with 2 doors. Behind 1 door is a coffer overflowing with jewels and gold, along with an exit. Behind the other door is an huge, hungry lion that will pounce on anyone opening the door. You have no clue which door leads to the treasure and exit, and which door leads to the lion. Read More

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The Superstitious Boss

Apply your Mind

Ramlal is a night watchman in a large company. On one fine morning when Ramlal was about to leave for home, his boss informs him, “I’ll go for a business trip to Colombo. Tomorrow I will depart from Chennai airport”.

Ramlal, however advises him to take a ship.

“Why should I?” inquired the boss.

“Yesterday night I dreamt that the plane to Colombo crashes, just before it will land”, is the response from Ramlal.

The president smiles first, but since he is pretty superstitious he decides to take the ship. When he arrives in Colombo, he is told that the plane which he should have taken had crashed. When the president returns from the trip, he gives a big reward to Ramlal and immediately fires him. Why?

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Imagine you are in a room with 3 switches

IQ Test

Imagine you are in a big house and you need to match out the 3 switches located in the first floor with the three light bulbs located in the ground floor. In the ground floor there are 3 bulbs (all are off at the moment), each switch belongs to some bulb.


How can you find out, which switch belongs to which bulb?

Other conditions

It is impossible to see from one room to another. Read More

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Real Estate Math Problem

Math problems dealing with real estate, debt and income can be a little tricky, but fun and extremely useful in the real world! Check out this real estate math problem to see if you can find the solution!

This puzzle is a DTI–Debt-to-Income–problem that banks usually utilize to calculate whether or not a potential borrower will be able to pay back the loan.

Background Info: Mr. and Mrs. Abrams have a combined yearly income of $90,000. They would like to purchase a commercial property on which to start a business for $215,000. They have spoken with a potential lender, who indicated they can provide a $200,000, 30 year loan at 7% interest if the Abrams can qualify. In addition to the property payment, the Abrams estimate their taxes and insurance to be $145 per month. Mr. Abrams has a student loan payment of $67 a month and Mrs. Abrams has a car payment of $347 a month. Assume an amortization factor of 6.65.

Read More

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The Pierrot Puzzle

Question on Special Products

The Pierrot in the illustration is standing in a posture that represents the sign of multiplication. He is indicating the peculiar fact that 15 multiplied by 93 produces exactly the same figures (1,395), differently arranged.

The puzzle is to take any four digits you like (all different) and similarly arrange them so that the number formed on one side of the Pierrot when multiplied by the number on the other side shall produce the same figures. There are very few ways of doing it, and you shall give all the cases possible. Can you find them all? Read More

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Benediktov Problem

Tricky Problem

The Great Russian poet Benediktov was very fond of mathematics and he collected and compiled a whole volume of trick brain teasers. Though this work was never published, the manuscript was found in 1924. An interesting problem contained in the manuscript, captioned ‘An ingenious Way of Solving a Tricky Problem’ goes as follows:

One woman made a living by selling eggs, had 90 eggs which she wanted her three daughters to sell. So she gave her eldest daughter 10 eggs, 30 to her second daughter and 50 to the youngest. Read More

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Puzzle on Barter System


Three countrymen met at a cattle market. ‘Look here,’ said Hari to Jaggu, ‘I’ll give you six of my pigs for one of your horses, and then you’ll have twice as many animals here as I’ve got.’

‘If that’s your way of doing business,’ said Dinanath to Hari, ‘I’ll give you fourteen of my sheep for a horse, and then you’ll have three times as many animals as I.’

‘Well, I’ll go better than that,’ said Jaggu to Dinanath; ‘I’ll give you four cows for a horse, and then you’ll have six times as many animals as I’ve got here.’

No doubt this was a very primitive way of bartering animals, but  it is an interesting little puzzle to discover just how many animals Jaggu, Hari and Dinanath must have taken to the cattle market.

If you enjoy puzzles like this you may also enjoy math classes from an accredited online college.

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So You Think You Are Clever?

Here is quiz that is likely to engross you mentally for some time. Ponder on each one of them very carefully. At the end of it you might realize, how clever you are (or you are not). If you can answer 5 or more than that correct, I consider you exceptional.

  1. If 3 cats kill 3 rats in 3 minutes, how long will it take 100 cats to kill 100 rats?
  2. Is it legal for a man to marry his widow’s sister?
  3. A monkey is at the bottom of a 30-foot well. Each day he jumps up 3 feet and slips back two. At that rate when will the monkey reach the top of the well?
  4. I have 2 minutes to catch a train and 2 Km to go. If I go the first Km at the rate of 30 Km per hour, at what rate must I go the second Km in order to catch the train?
  5. The number of eggs in a basket doubles every minute. The basket is full of eggs in an hour. When was the basket hall full?
  6. What is the smallest number of ducks that could swim in this formation: two ducks in front of a duck, two ducks behind a duck and a duck between two ducks?
  7. A boat will carry only 200 pounds. How a man weighing 200 pounds and his two sons, each of whom weighs 100 pounds, use it to cross a river?

Leave your answers below as a comment.

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A man on a park bench

Find below two family relationship puzzles. To answer these questions, one needs to understand the way words are used or rather twisted in the given questions.


A man on a park bench is looking at a small portrait. You ask him, Who is that in the picture?
The man says, Brothers and sisters, I have none, but that man’s father, is my father’s son.
Can you tell what person is in the picture?


A beggar’s brother died, but the man who died had no brother. How could this be?


Leave your answers below as comments. If you have more such puzzles based on family relationships, post them as comments below.

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