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Computing Trigonometric Ratios

In certain places, Vedic Mathematics talks about trigonometrical triplets, which became famous as Pythagorean triplets much later. So was the outcome of Pythagorean theorem known to Indians? Without going into that discussion, let us see how this

Find Value of Sin and Cos using Fingers

Today I am going to share with you a special memory trick for trigonometry, mailed to me by Debasis Basak – a young Class IX follower of By this method we can find out Sines and

Memory Tricks for Trigonometry

In the post titled Trigonometry Formula Memorization Trick, I agreed to write about a simple memory trick for memorizing the value of all major angles of different trigonometry ratios like sin30, cos45, tan60, etc. So here you

Trigonometry Formula Memorization Trick

I learned this shortcut memory trick from my Maths teacher in school. Recently while interacting with a class X student, I realized they have to mug up all the trigonometric ratios. This can be frustrating and can