Quantitative Aptitude Question for Competitive Examinations

Try solving this questions which has appeared in CAT, GRE and GMAT papers and many other competitive examinations. So try your hands at this question from topic speed and distance. You can expect similar questions in competitive examinations.

Here is the Competitive Examination Question -

A thief escaped from police custody. Since he was a sprinter, he could run at a speed of 40 km/hr. The police realized it after 3 hr and started chasing him in the same direction at 50km/hr. The police had a dog, which could run at 60 km/hr. The dog would run to the thief and then return back to the police and then would turn back towards the thief. It kept on doing so till the police caught the thief. Find the total distance traveled by the dog in the direction of the thief?

Here are the options -

a) 720 km
b) 600 km
c) 660 km
d) 360 km
e) 230 km

I will provide the solution later. I urge everyone to try this. Please give explanation with your answers -