Do You Know the Sum of All Positive Integers till Infinity, be Prepared for a Shock After Knowing the Answer

This is one of the most amusing mathematics trick pulled off by someone. If you understand basics of numbers, your jaw will drop at the output of this mathematics formulation. So here we go –

What do you think is the sum of all the integers up till infinity?

1+2+3+4+5……. so on to infinity=?

Anyone who know the meaning of infinity would quite safely say the answer is infinity, but practical implications and string theory in physics tells us otherwise.

The answer is  -1/12

If you think that’s impossible, check out the detailed explanation in this video:

This proof seem counter intuitive or to some it might even sound ridiculous. However, let me clarify this equation is completely accurate and not some hoax. It is used in theoretical physics.

Do you know of more such counter intuitive Mathematics Formulations?

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