Explore Vedic Maths and Critical Reasoning Tricks

Vedic Maths Tricks:

Multiplying 5 Times an Odd Number: Subtract one from the number you are multiplying, then halve that number and place a 5 after the resulting number.

Example: 343 * 5 = (343-1)/2 | 5 = 1715

Critical reasoning Concepts:

Basic Orientation of Critical Reasoning:

Intellectual Responsibility:

Adults are responsible for the things they do, and this includes thinking clearly and carefully about things that matter. This is hard work and no one succeeds at it completely, but it is part of the price for being in charge of your life.

In addition to thinking for ourselves, it is important to think well. This means basing our reasoning on how things are, rather than how we wish they were. It means being open to the possibility that we are mistaken, not allowing blind emotion to cloud our thought, and putting in that extra bit of energy to try to get to the bottom of things.

This doesn’t mean that we should constantly be questioning everything. Life is too short and busy for that. But in many cases successful action requires planning and thought. It is also desirable to reflect on our most basic beliefs from time to time, and the college years are an ideal time for this. In the end you may wind up with exactly the same views that you began with. But if you have thought about them carefully, they will be your own views, rather than someone else’s.

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  1. cool….the college lines are fact.. i actually experience this at end of 1st year itself… and now forming more new views..:-)

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