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During our student life (school or post-school), search for useful knowledge resources for learning arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry or some other stream of mathematics is never ending.  Here let us discuss few such online free sites, which can be very useful in learning maths. These resources available for free on internet can help us learn fundamentals of various basic to advanced level topics of mathematics. Some of these also provide online tests for practice and solutions to thousands of questions.

Khan Academy – According to me nothing on internet can beat the zeal of Mr. Salman Khan who has produced more than 3400 videos on diverse topic and has extensively covered Mathematics from basic to advanced level in his wonderful video lectures. Best part is all the lessons are absolutely free for everyone.

Wolfram Mathworld – it is a very extensive free mathematical resource from the makers of Mathematica. This is more apt for advanced level mathematics.

Merit Nation – For Indian school going kids up to K-12 level, this venture is a amazing gift. Ample amount of school level study material, Chapter-wise solutions to the questions of the NCERT textbooks are provided. Though this website is not completely free, the free portion is good enough to keep you engaged for substantial period of time. No need to buy guides for NCERT now.

LearnersTV  – This is yet another wonderful site providing tons of free video and audio lectures, online tests, etc in many fields including Mathematics.

ILX – IXL is the Web’s most comprehensive maths practice site. Popular among educators and families, IXL provides unlimited questions in more than 1,500 topics. An adaptive learning system features games and awards, inspiring students to achieve.

TenMarks –  When students work on TenMarks, they have access to hints and video lessons on EVERY problem, so if they can’t recall something, or didn’t quite get the topic when it was covered in class, they can quickly review the content, and move forward

I am sure there will be many more brilliant such resources to learn mathematics online. If you know of any such resource, let us all know about it by posting a comment below

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