Glasses Puzzle

Another interesting logical puzzle for you.  Hope you will like it and if you do share it with others on facebook, etc.

3 Full, 3 Empty Glasses Puzzle

Visualize six drinking glasses in a row: the first three full of water, the next three empty. Please refer to the image below. Touching only one glass, can you arrange it so that no full glass stands next to another full one, and no empty next to another empty?

Glasses Puzzle

You have to tell a way in which this can be done. Leave your answers below. To share this on facebook, click on the like button.

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23 thoughts to “Glasses Puzzle”

  1. only pick up the 2nd glass and pour it in the 5th glass, keep the second empty back where it belonged….

  2. by pouring the water of 2nd glass in 5th glass and then by again placing it to its original place ….. now the scenario is dat 1 empty glass is next to 1
    full glass/……………..problem solved

  3. 1) Pour water from 2nd glass to 5th glass

    2) Pick up one glass and use it to move other glasses as you want to arrange them. You have “touched” only one glass. lol….

  4. Pick up the second glass, empty the water in it into the fifth glass and place it back….the row shall contain alternate glasses of water.

  5. Take the glass, second from left, and pour into the glass which is second from right. By this no full glass stands next to another full one, and no empty next to another empty.

  6. Take the middle of the full glasses and poor it into the middle of the empty glasses.

    This way you \"create\" an empty glass in between the full glasses and you fill up an
    empty glass in between the empty glasses. You only need to touch the middle full
    glass to do this.

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