Headless Words Puzzle – Funny Puzzles

Can you find these words from the clues?

If the clue were ‘Behead a mass killing to find amusement’, the answer would be LAUGHTER, since by beheading SLAUGHTER you are left with LAUGHTER.

  1. Behead a journey by air to find illumination.
  2. Behead a mark to produce a running competition.
  3. Behead anger to find your years.
  4. 4. Behead a seat to get head covering.
  5. Behead an apparition to find an entertainer of guests.
  6. Behead a support to get a bat for tennis.
  7. Behead the result of injury to make a vehicle.
  8. Behead an old weapon to find a fruit.
  9. Behead attractiveness to produce damage.
  10. Behead a section to get lousy insects.
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Vineet Patawari

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2 thoughts to “Headless Words Puzzle – Funny Puzzles”

  1. 1. Flight – light
    2. Trace – race
    3. Rage – age
    4. Chair – hair
    5. Ghost – host
    6. Bracket – racket
    7. Scar – car
    9. Charm – harm
    10. Slice – lice

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