How to Select Right Math Tutor for Your Child

right math tutor for your childThe most common way to help your child improve in his or her learning is by hiring a tutor. Hiring one does not necessarily mean that a child is a slow learner. Mathematics is one of the academic subjects in which many students need help for improvement. To ensure that your child can benefit the best help, you should look for a tutor that can address the learning style and temperament of your child. This way you can expect for the best possible results.

Though most of the suggestions below are generic in nature, however, this article is written keeping in mind audience from the USA

1. Tutor’s college degree & major

When hiring a tutor, the first thing to consider is the college degree completed. If you’re hiring a tutor through an agency, you should take time verifying the degree and the major of discipline. Since you want your child to improve in mathematics, obviously it is best to hire a tutor having college major in this subject.

2. Teaching credentials and Background

As much as possible, it’s a smart idea to hire a tutor with good teaching credentials and background. It’s not enough that a tutor has the capability to impart learning and knowledge. Thus, before hiring a tutor make sure that he or she has passed the licensure examination given by the state. Keep in mind that you will entrust your child to the tutor for some period of time that’s why it’s essential to implement background check and verify the employment background. Once you know that the tutor you’ve hired is legitimate and a member of a qualified organization, you’ll have peace of mind that the teaching process will flow smoothly.

3. Rapport

The connection between the student and a tutor plays a big role to the success of the process. This makes sense of hiring a tutor who can establish a good rapport with your child particularly if there’s some behavior issues.

4. Ask your kid’s teacher

If it’s your first time to look for a tutor, you can consider recommendation from people who have been doing the same. Your child teacher at school or the school counsellor can be the appropriate individuals who can recommend a qualified tutor.

5. Check community center bulletin boards

Another way to find a qualified tutor is through community boards or library wherein tutors ate posting information.

6. Select a tutor willing to work interactively on concepts

Prior to hiring a tutor you should check first his or her capability and the concepts of teaching. Hire a tutor who is willing to utilize interactive concepts. The tutor should not only provide lectures but also interacts with the student. Likewise, as a teacher, your child’s tutor should be willing and give time in addressing the questions of your child. The tutor must be always ready to assist your child in solving math problems.

7.  Try to search a tutor who is open to feedback

Select a tutor who welcomes feedback in appositive manner. This means that before hiring one, parents should discuss with the tutor a sort of guidelines along the teaching process. He or she should also be open to discussion and suggestions from the parents in order to rule out which concept will work or doesn’t to the child.

It is very challenging to find the right math tutor to your child knowing that parents should be the first and personal teacher of a child. But, there are times when parents don’t have enough time helping a child to improve in academic subjects, thus hiring a perfect math tutor can be the last option. There’s nothing wrong hiring a tutor as long as he or she can help to improve the ability of the student and not just to earn income.

Author Bio: Andy Bell is an everyday learner and editor, working at Tutoring help. He is passionate about helping online learning businesses to achieve their goals. He loves tutoring and his favourite subjects are math and English, but he has also taken honours classes in science and history. Outside the classroom, he enjoys tennis and is an active member of the Rancho Crandon Park.

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