Eggs-cellent Riddles & Brain Teasers

You always knew that eggs are full of nutrition but here on QuickerMaths, it will help you strengthen your brain cells too. Here are some riddles & puzzles around eggs for you to solve.

First Egg Riddle 



If one and a half hens lay one and a half eggs in one and a half days, how many eggs does one hen lay in one day?

Leave your answers below.

Second Egg Riddle

2 fathers and 2 sons sat on the table to eat eggs for breakfast. They ate exactly three eggs, each person had an egg. Now you need to explain how that’s possible?

Third Egg Riddle

Let say you started selling a basket of eggs.

First customer buys one-half of your eggs plus one-half of an egg. Second customer buys one-half of your eggs plus one-half of an egg.

Third customer buys one-half of your eggs plus one half an egg.

At this point you have sold all of your eggs, and you never broke an egg. How many eggs did you start with?

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7 thoughts to “Eggs-cellent Riddles & Brain Teasers”

  1. One hen lays as much eggs as One and half hens lay in half days

    premise for answer:

    what is half hen¿perhaps a dead one, and such can not lay an egg.

    in fact, under no scientific justification can half hen lays eggs;if such exist.

    it devoids the principles of natural science – biology

  2. have hit bull’s eye.. absolutely correct answer = 2/3

    Answer: Find the daily rate per hen:
    Hens — Days — (Daily Rate) = Eggs
    1½ — 1½ — (Daily Rate) = 1½
    (Daily Rate) = 1½ / (1½ — 1½)
    Daily Rate = 1/(1½) = 2/3
    So 1 hen in 1 day will lay two-thirds of an egg

  3. 1.5 hen X 1.5 day X (k) Egg/( = 1.5 egg
    (k) = 1.5 / (1.5 x 1.5) = 1 / (1.5)
    1 hen X 1 day X 1 egg / 1.5( = 1/1.5 egg ?

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