Improve your Vocabulary by Free SMS Service

If I ask you a question – Why good vocabulary is essential? or Why do you want to improve your vocabulary? – I am sure you will come with lot of relevant and obvious answers. So without repeating what you already know,  I am introducing you to a very useful and 100% free service provided by my Online CAT Preparation website – Within short period of time, the service has more than 3500 subscribers.

Click on the following link to get free subscription –

This is in continuation to the effort of collaborative learning under introduced in the last post –  You can make a Difference

We will send you –

1)      English words with their meanings daily. How is it beneficial?

  • 4-5 Words daily. That means : 5×30= 150 words per month and 150×12=1800 words an year. (approx.)
  • You can revise them in your free time

2)     Quick calculation tricks which will surely make you a master at tackling data interpretation questions.

3)      Information about important events and dates related to CAT and other examinations.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Question 1) How can I subscribe to this service?
To subscribe you can –

Click on the following link –

Or , Type “ON FIREUPCAT” and send it to 9870807070

Question 2) Is  this service totally free?

Yes, Service is totally free. You will be charged only when you send sms to subscribe for this service. There are no charges to receive the sms.

If you subscribe using this link – FireUp SMS Channel, you will not be charged for anything.

Question 3) Why is FireUp providing this service for free?

We are committed to the betterment of students preparing for competitive examinations.

Apart from this, we also have a detailed courseware that is structured to be as user friendly as possible.

Have a look at the courses we are selling – Online CAT Preparation

Question 5) I have subscribed for the service, but I have not received any confirmation message?
You need to wait for a while. Sometimes, it takes little longer due to network problems. If the problem still persists after 2 days, you may contact us for assistance.

Question 6) I have subscribed for the service, But I am no longer interested in receiving sms from you. How can I unsubscribe?
You can unsubscribe by Typing “OFF FIREUPCAT” and send it to 9870807070. You will be unsubscribed.

Question 7) How many messages will I receive per day?
We send around 1-2 messages daily. WE DO NOT SPAM.

Question 8) How can I contribute in your website?

Great!! You can start writing articles for us. Participate in various discussions going on here or contact us by using contact us page.

For any other queries and problems, feel free to mail me at or

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  1. weneva i send a msg to subscribe it will rply me as “ON” is neither a channel name…n m trying since so many dayz …so kindly inform me hw to subscribe in any other way or atleast any other beeter solution

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