Interesting Logical Puzzle

This one’s an interesting puzzle and DOES NOT involve any MECHANICS!

There’s a Bridge 2.4 km long with a load handling capacity of exactly 1 tonne and is bound to collapse if load increases by even a single gram than a tonne.

A bus, loaded fully with passengers, of weight exactly a tonne is crossing over the bridge. At exactly 3/4th of the length of the bridge a Crow comes (out of the Blue) and sits on top of the Bus.
But to everyone’s surprise, the Bridge doesn’t collapse and the bus crosses it safely.


Leave your answers below –

  1. revanth
  2. revant
  3. sam
  4. Silviya
  5. Silviya
  6. abhiron bhattacharya
  7. arun chakravarthi
    • sri........
  9. Janani
  10. Akhil Gupta
  11. Akhil Gupta
  12. Akhil Gupta
  13. Govind K. Bahroos
  14. Govind K. bahroos
  15. Vineet Patawari
  16. man

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