Learning Speed Maths

A guest post by Emily Jasmine

The speed mathematics is an excellent way of solving mathematical problems with speed and accuracy. This is very helpful for the students in learning mathematics without straining their brain. This really helps to eradicate the hate and fear about mathematics in the mind of the students. People with excellent mathematical skills have good strategy applied in solving any mathematical problems. The speed mathematics involves lots of techniques to add or multiply, divide bigger numbers easily. This can be very helpful in many intelligence tests, puzzles or riddles, analytical problems and the entrance exams for the colleges like GRE.

The speed mathematics has a vast history in India which is called as Vedic mathematics presented by a scholar and mathematician Bharati Krishna Trithaji Maharaja and the strategy involved in this were creative and can be applied for many mathematical problems. Similar to this, the Trachtenberg system by Jakow Tractenberg also involved solving problems very quickly.

The speed mathematics involves the idea that easier method of solving any problems will give results faster and less chance of mistakes in the calculations. A sample of the strategy can be a multiplication between two numbers 7 and 9. So take first number 7, and then subtract it from 10, 10-7=3. Put the result 3 below first number 5. Take second number 9, subtract it from 10, 10-9=1, put it below 9. Subtract diagonally, that is subtract 7 by 1, 7-1=6 which is the first digit of the product or subtract 9 by 3 which is also the first digit of product. Then multiply the below values 3×1=3 which is the second digit of product. Final answer is 63. Similar method can be used for two digit values by subtracting with least 3 digit value 100.

There are many institutions that teach speed mathematics for small kids to teenagers in order to excel in their studies as well as to increase their mental power and thinking capability. This speed mathematics technique also helps learners of other fields like engineering, astronomy, graphics etc. After gaining confidence in calculating mathematical problems in easier way, students can crack all their intelligence test and examinations without fear. Also they can excel in their own field of interest with more brain power


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Vineet Patawari

Hi, I'm Vineet Patawari. I fell in love with numbers after being scared of them for quite some time. Now, I'm here to make you feel comfortable with numbers and help you get rid of Math Phobia!

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  1. By learning speed maths, we are acquiring good time management skill. This is really helpful for tests such as Bank PO.

  2. Man seriously,i got tired of saying this,but where is the logic behind this.If there is something i learnt u cant cheat math

    1. 15*20

      = 15*2 is 30 and attach 0 at the end of 30. The result is 300.

      So it is easy. And i’m sure that mathematical problems can be solved in 5 to 10 seconds.

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