Logical Reasoning puzzle

Logical Reasoning Puzzles are puzzles which can be solved using logical reasoning ability and required analytical bent of mind. In this post we are giving 2 moderately difficult logical reasoning puzzles to give you a feel. Try them out

First Logical Reasoning Puzzle

Old Professor Sinha had enjoyed his enjoyed his meal. He had just finished his usual after-lunch beverage when he thought he’d have another. But he couldn’t remember what he had had. So he called the waiter and said to him: ‘Look, if this was coffee, I want tea, and if this was tea, bring me a hot chocolate; but if this was hot chocolate, bring me a coffee. ‘The waiter then brings him tea. Can you say what drink – tea, coffee or hot chocolate – the waiter had earlier served the old gentleman?

Second Logical Reasoning Puzzle

Arun, Tarun, Varun and Karun are brothers. They each practice a different profession. One of them other than Arun is lawyer. One of them other than Karun is schoolmaster. One is an Architect, and the remaining brother is a doctor. All of them can bowl.

One day, the architect was heard saying, “My schoolmaster brother is a good fast bowler. He can bowl faster than Arun and Arun can bowl faster than Tarun.”

Now, who is the bowler?

Answer these logical reasoning puzzle by commenting below

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14 thoughts to “Logical Reasoning puzzle”

  1. The question has to be “who s d best bowler? ” but
    not to be “who s d bowler?”
    The answer is varun- The school master

  2. The question has to be “who s the better bowler?”
    and not “who s the bowler?”
    There fore the best fast bowler is “varun”- The school master.

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