How to Manage Stress During Exams?

Stress management is a big challenge in our day to day life. The academic system and the pedagogy is such, that it appears very early in our life cycle. The first thing which will come to our mind after hearing about exam is tension or stress.

Through this article I would like to share certain ideas, which I gathered over the time, to reduce stress and increase efficiency during examinations. The underlying ideas can also be applied to manage stress in other aspects of our life.  I hope it will be beneficial for all the readers of QM, either directly or indirectly. The intention of writing this article is to help readers willing to increase their efficiency and perform better, by making the exam process less tiring and little more enjoyable.

How to Manage Stress before Examination?

  • Take a piece of paper and list down the main reasons of your stress and anxiety. Next to each problem, write possible solutions.  Take a break and discuss with your parents and (if possible) your teachers your fears and doubts
  • Create a schedule – organize your time and prepare for the exams.
  • Do your exam revisions with your friends. You will get to know few things which you might have missed.
  • Test your knowledge with friends. Meet them and try asking questions to each other.

How to beat Examination Fear?

  • Learn to face the exams. Shed away any fear of failure. Positive thinking is highly beneficial as it removes most of the stress out of your head.
  • Attempt a mental representation of the actual conditions that cause you stress in detail. When you do this exercise, you will notice that the more you imagine and visualize the exams, the more familiar they will seem to you.

  • When you can deal with your fears in your imagination, you can deal with them in reality as well.
  • If you are in school right now, you are yet to face many and most difficult examinations of your life. I will suggest you to read either of the two books –

*for more information, the books are linked to their respective pages on flipkart.

Can the study environment affect stress?

A conducive study environment will definitely help to remove a lot of stress from you.  So organize your study environment appropriately.

  • Create a pleasant environment without strong lighting and noise.
  • Make sure that the room has enough fresh air.
  • Turn off the TV and radio.
  • Keep your mobile phone in silent mode a little away from you and do not check it every minute  for missed calls and messages received. Better still; switch it off for some time when you need to concentrate on some important topic.
  • Find comfortable places to study.

Please share your personal experiences about, how you used to manage stress during exam days. Everyone had a different way of handling the stress. I am sure all the readers must have faced this stress at some stage of their life and we all can learn something from each other.

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  1. I have tension due to syllabus because i studied in class 12th as well
    praparing for IIT-JEE how i manage can you gave time management tips
    or something matter which is helpful for me

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