manhole puzzle

Manholes Cover Puzzle

Why is it better for manhole cover to be round rather than square?

Any problem can be solved in many creative ways. The more street smart you’re, the more logical you’re you can think of many ways of solving a given problem, specially when you get an unusual question to answer. There can be many reasons for the manholes being circular rather than squarish or rectangular. Don your thinking hats and come up with some cool reasons. You can explore many such puzzles at

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12 thoughts to “Manholes Cover Puzzle”

  1. A round manhole cover cannot fall through its circular opening, whereas a square manhole cover could fall in if it were inserted diagonally in the hole. Circular covers don’t need to be rotated or precisely aligned when placing them on the opening. A round manhole cover is easily moved and rolled.

  2. Sides of Rectangular or square manhole covers can fall in the manhole through diagonal side of the manhole.

  3. Because square manholes may fall inside if it is not placed in but circular does not have arrangements. In whatever way you place it, it’s the same and cannot go inside the manhole

  4. In a circular design, when pressure is applied it is equally distributed. A square or rectangular design will have weak points at corners and may break easily.

  5. Circle’s walls can withstand better than any other shape. That’s why tunnels are round in shape instead of square. The circular shapre distributes the pressure better than othe shapes.

    1. as i think it is for safety purpose
      because square manhole cover sideways and drop it down the diagonal of the manhole. You cannot drop a round manhole cover down the manhole. Therefore, round manhole covers are safer and more practical than square ones.

      1. I think it matters for cost as per area of a rectangle or square with a circle. because round main hole takes 21.428571429 % less area from a square main hole.

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