Mathematical Puzzle for Competitive Exams

Mathematical Puzzle for competitive examinations- Friends this is a maths puzzle. Solving this type of maths puzzle could be very useful for students taking competitive examinations like CAT, GMAT, etc. Please let me clarify the puzzle is complete and no information in missing. For more such puzzle keep checking back WWW.QUICKERMATHS.COM

Mathematics Age Puzzle

At a census there is the following dialog:

Field helper: number of children?

Citizen: three!

Field helper: age of Your children in whole numbers?

Citizen: The product of the years is 36.

Field helper: This not a sufficent answer!

Citizen: The sum of the ages equals the

number of the house of our next neighbour.

(Field helper acquires the number.)

Field helper: That is still not a sufficient answer!

Citizen: Our eldest child plays the piano.

Field helper: (after some mental calculations) – Fine, now I know the age of your three children. But it would not have been possible without the last clue.

How old are the three children?

  1. Sunil
  2. Sidharth Nangal
  3. Sidharth Nangal
  4. asdf
  5. kumar
  6. indu
  7. Vineet Patawari
    • sanmeet
  8. Maheshwari
    • Vineet Patawari
      • rani
    • Vineet Patawari
  9. khushi
  10. Vineet Patawari
  11. Vineet Patawari
  12. shalin
  13. divya
  14. Mohit
  15. Narender

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