Ask or Answer a Question and Get Rewarded

I am glad that the Maths Question Answer Platform of has reached 135+ users in 2 months time since its launch. It is such a great feeling to see users asking questions and getting answers from registered enthusiasts, mutually helping each other out.

Today’s post is to announce a fun challenge for the month of July. The challenge is to be the highest scorer on the Q&A platform of

How do you score points?

The highest scorer will be the winner. You get points for activities like asking questions, giving answers, having your answer selected as the best, voting up or down a question or an answer and so on. The scoring pattern is explained in this earlier post –

How the Winner will be decided?

There will be 2 winners. The user who scores the highest points by end of the day 31 July 2014 bags the first prize. The second highest scorer becomes eligible for the second prize.  Winners will be announced and their gifts will be sent to them in the month of August.

We can see the points scored in real time by each and every user by visiting the USER section of the Q & A platform. People can check who’s leading at any point of time.

Now the big question, what are the prizes?

What’s the Prize for the Winner?


First Prize: DigiFlip Explorer Laptop Backpack

Digiflip Laptop Backpack Explorer Bag
Digiflip Laptop Backpack Explorer Bag

but that’s not all, the first prize also includes 2 fantastic Vedic Math books for the winner.

Book #1: Vedic Mathematics (The Original Book) by Jagadguru Swami Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji Maharaja

Vedic Mathematics Book
Vedic Mathematics Book

Book #2: How To Become A Human Calculator?: With The Magic Of Vedic Maths by Aditi Singhal

How to Become a Human Calculator
How to Become a Human Calculator

Second Prize

Book #1: The Power of Vedic Maths by Atul Gupta

Book #2: Vedic Mathematics Made Easy by Dhaval Bathia

Book #3: Vedic Mathematics : The Student Taking Competitive Exams by author Rajesh Kumar Thakur

Any Questions?

I feel the challenge is pretty straight forward. You just need to actively participate on The ultimate objective is to make the forum more useful for everyone by having more and more active and enthusiastic users. So go ahead and post your questions or give answers.

If you’ve any queries / suggestions / feedback, post it in the comment section below.

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  1. The enthusiasm so far has been remarkable. 23 new users have registered in last 15 days and lot of new questions and answers have been posted. Keep the good work going for benefit of all.


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