Mind Reading Number Trick

Many a times we are amazed by some number tricks displayed by our friends or teachers.  It seems that they can enter our mind and guess accurately what we were thinking. We always wanted to have such tricks up our sleeves, where it appears that we can read the mind of our audience.  Today I’m presenting couple of such tricks here along with the explanation on how these tricks actually work. You can explore hundreds of interesting puzzles and riddles on QuickerMaths.

Magic Number

This simple calculation is sometimes used as a demonstration of prescience, or even occult powers. Write down your year of birth. Add the year you started your first job. Add your present age. Add the number of years you have spent, since you started that first job, at work, in further education, unemployed, in retirement or whatever. Now check your answer. Is it something like 4028?

Explanation of the Trick

The sum of number specified will always total twice the year in which the calculation is done – 4028 for 2014. 4030 for 2015, and so forth. A little logical thinking reveals why this is so.

Pocket Change

Here is a simple but nonetheless baffling formula for a proving to anyone that you can figure out his or her age and also how much loose change (less than Rs.100) he has in his pocket. Have him do the calculations in private without telling you anything but his final result. It works like this:

His age                                                  28

Double it:                                            56

Add 5:                                                   61

Multiply by 50:                               3050

Subtract 365:                                      2685

Add pocket change Rs.87:           2772

Now you ask for the final figure and add 115 to it. The result in this instance is 2887: The two figure beings the person’s age, the last two his amount of loose change. The formula works every time.

Explanation of the Trick

Observation reveals the simple mathematics on which this trick is based. When you double the age and letter multiply by 50, you are doing nothing more than multiplying it by 100 – that is, adding 2 zeroes at the end of the number. The addition of 5,  multiplied by 50, is a smokescreen. It amounts to 250 – which is then cancelled out by the hocus-pocus of subtracting 365 and ultimately adding 115.

If you know any mind reading number guessing trick like this you can share it with everyone by posting it here as comment. If it’s a puzzle and you want it to be answered you can post it on QuickerMaths’s Question Answer Forum.

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  1. i have had many a free pint, substituting age for any given number under 100,
    get the person to write down the two numbers beforehand so they cannot cheat, as they will ha ha. tried it once with a lady and the subject was lovers, she not happy lol !!

  2. I am looking for steady materials for my kids and i am teaching them sum short cut maths which i see in your web which is very helpful,my kid is in 6th class.

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