Mystery of Missing Rupee

Dear Friends,

I am presenting to you a very interesting riddle. Once you get the answer to this you can pose this riddle to your friends, etc. I am sure most of them will not be able to solve the mystery of the missing rupee.

Riddle: Mystery of Missing Rupee

Three men walk into a hotel and rent a room for Rs. 30. They contribute towards the room rent equally. So each one of the paid Rs. 10

The hotel manager after sometime realized the room rent should have been only Rs. 25 rupees. So he sent the dishonest bellboy and told him to give Rs. 5 back to the men.

The bellboy cheated and gave each one of them Re. 1 back.

Now you know Rs. 27 (10-1 = Rs. 9 each) is paid by the 3 men and Rs. 2 is with the bell boy. That makes it Rs. 29 (27+2), so where is the remaining Re.1

**This question is actually meant to be asked when you are face to face with the other person.

I think its effectiveness and punch was somewhat lost in written words. Nevertheless, give it try and enjoy asking it to others.

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