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Super Memory, It Can Be Yours – Shakuntala Devi’s New Book

Internationally acclaimed mathematician Shakuntala Devi does not need any introduction. She has left the world dumb struck by demonstrating her unique expertise in super complex mental arithmetic. In 1977 she extracted the 23rd root of a 201-digit number mentally. She demonstrated many such similar mental  stunts.

Shakuntala Devi is nick named Human Computer. Her deep passion for expanding the capacity of the human mind to its maximum has led her to write numerous books on developing superior mathematical skills. Her latest book ‘Super Memory, It Can Be Yours’ is yet another feather in her capSuper Memory-It Can Be Yours.

The internet age has brought about a tsunami of information and dealing with this in our fast paced lives is a horrendous task. Remembering so much with our limited capacity of mind is a challenge in itself and this book promises to bring an answer to this mind boggling problem. This book does this in 12 easy and effortless steps. I am very sure this book will help anyone and everyone who is willing to improve his memory – Purchase Online

Other Books by Shakuntala Devi

I am very sure this book – Super Memory, It Can Be Yours by Shakuntala Devi will be as good as her other masterpieces which all achieved stunning success.  I am providing the names of her other books and linking them to their description on I super liked each one of her books. I am sure you will also like them.

  1. Figuring: The Joy Of Numbers
  2. Book Of Numbers
  3. In The Wonderland Of Numbers
  4. Puzzles To Puzzle To You
  5. More Puzzles, Shakuntala Devi
  6. Awaken The Genius In Your Child
  7. Astrology For You

Many of you must have read some of the above listed books. Please share with all of us, your feedback or review on these books by posting a comment below.

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