Interesting Picture Puzzle

If you like picture puzzles, this is post is for you.  What do you see?  The first picture below has faces hidden – but

Where are they?

How many are there?

How Many Faces Can You Find In This Picture? Post your observations in form of comments below-

Click on the image to enlarge

Click here to know the answer

  1. pradeep
  2. MADHU
  3. aditya
  4. skkkkkkkk
  5. Akshu
  7. sweety
  8. sweety
  9. mamta
  10. anoopkumar
  11. rohit
  12. wedding
  13. ankur
  14. sri........
  15. Jessica Paul
  16. sanjeev ranjan
  17. Govind K. Bahroos
  18. heer
  19. Akhil Gupta
  20. winx
  21. Vineet Patawari
  22. S Shah

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