Interesting Picture Puzzle

If you like picture puzzles, this is post is for you.  What do you see?  The first picture below has faces hidden – but

Where are they?

How many are there?

How Many Faces Can You Find In This Picture? Post your observations in form of comments below-

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22 thoughts to “Interesting Picture Puzzle”

  1. Got 11.
    from top left.
    1) face right on the top of the picture above crow(slightly left)
    3)face immediate left to the pillar on which crow is sitting
    4)face immediate right to the pillar on which crow is sitting
    5)old man
    6)old face inside the eye of the old man
    7)girl face inside the ear of the old man
    8)little boy face in the hands of the girl mentioned above.
    9) dog’s face
    10)face on the left side of the pic where the circular arc ends
    11)face beside the right side of the upper part of the right pillar

  2. 10 faces :big old man,old man with stick,lady,baby,dog,1 face at the right pillar three faces at the left pillar(one is at sky without any outline) ,crow.

  3. I can see mainly 6 faces, lady and the baby and a old man’d big face and an old man and 2 faces besid the pillars where crow sits.

  4. Well there are actually ten faces. The first are the four usual ones. The 2 old men, the baby and the woman. Then there are two on the right just above the pillar next to the arch. One facing right and the other one half hidden behind it in black. On the left of the picture there are four faces. The pillar where the crow is sitting on makes two faces one facing left and one facing right. Then there is the one on the left in the clouds and the tenth one is just above the face in the pillar which is facing left. The crows neck is making the nose. The bird on the right of the crow is making the eye. Which is a total of ten faces

  5. one is the big face of old man
    if we concentrate on old man face …there is face of a lady who is wearing a long flowing skirt and also a man standing @ left.
    one face of the dead animal on road.
    that makes it 4…….
    whch is the 5th one???

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