Good News For All CAT 2009 Takers!!

A big hello to all CAT 2009 aspirants,

By now you must have immersed yourselves into preparing, preparing and preparing for the d-day. Well, this mail will definitely bring some cheer.

Great news for all you guys!!

At, the prices of our flagship online CAT study material e-CAT Test Series and e-CAT Prep Material

e-CAT Test Series

The complete set of 20 mock CAT Tests/Papers + 40  e-Sectional Tests is now available at just Rs. 1425.

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e-CAT Prep Material

FireUp exclusive complete course content for CAT Preparation comes with more than 5000 pages of well researched topics and pedagogy. There are 3 levels of skill exercises for each topic to test your concept and understanding.

So in effect you get more than 500 exercises with more than 15 questions on an average to boost your practice.

What’s more! You get a set of 40 Sectional Tests absolutely free along with it.

Ultimately you get more than 10000 questions in e-CAT Prep Material to test your skills.

You can check out the reduced set of prices for e-CAT Prep Material here

There are lot of freebies on the site check it out yourself.

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