Puzzling Puzzle

Who should be the Boss?

A large business firm was once planning to open a new branch in a certain city, and advertised positions for three clerks. Out of a number of applicants the personnel manager selected three promising young men and addressed them in the following way : “Your salaries are to begin at the rate of $1000 per year, to be paid every half-year. If your work is satisfactory, and we keep you, your salaries will be raised.

Which would you prefer, a raise of $150 per year or a raise of $50 every half-year?” The first two of the three applicants eagerly accepted the first alternative, but the third young man, after a moment’s reflection, took the second. He was promptly put in charge of the other two. Why? Was it because the personnel manager liked his modesty and apparent willingness to save the company money?

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