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This quantitative aptitude question was sent to me by Mr. Satish Kumar by mail. I generally answer the questions I get on email by directly replying to them. However, I thought this question is worth to be discussed with all QM readers. So here it goes –


I have a total of rs 1000. Item A costs rs 110,item B costs rs 90, item C costs rs 70 ,item D costs rs 40 and item E costs rs 45. For every item D that i purchase, I must also buy only 2 items of B. For every item A, I must buy one item of C. For every item E, I must also buy 2 of item D and one of item B. For every item purchased  I earn  1000 points and for every rupee not spent I earn a penalty of 1500 points. My objective is to maximise the points I earn. What is the number of items that I purchase to maximise my points?

a) 13   b)14   c)15   d)16

“Give me the procedure to solve this with in 2-3 mins . It takes to much time 2 solve this for me.” –  Satish Kumar

Pay attention to Satish’s problem and suggest time reduction techniques along with the solution to the above problem.

I would latter include the best answer(s), posted as comment, in the post itself.

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