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Today, let me confess something to all of you. I am sure this will help all the readers.

So here I go. This is regarding the name of the website – QuickerMaths.com. It is inspired by the name of the best mathematics books I have ever come across. This book helped me a lot in clearing CAT and reaching to IIM. The inspiration of creating an interactive platform (QuickerMaths.com) came from this book. As a token of appreciation and to do my bit today I will tell you about this book named -

Magical Book on Quicker Maths

Author: M. Tyra

About the book: The book will be a boon for the aspirants of today’s competitive exams irrespective of their background – whether they come from arts, science or commerce stream. Concepts have been clarified so well, that even if one is vaguely familiar with them as in the case of non-mathematics students, understanding will not be a problem. Direct formulae are beneficial for one and all. They save time and time is precious for everyone.

Must for Competitive Preparation

The book is profusely illustrated. Avoiding the temptation for haste and ending up with a cookbook, the author has put in two years of intensive effort and research. Ideas have been taken from available study material, number theory, readers’ suggestions and, finally Vedic mathematics.

Recently I purchased the latest edition of this book from online book store Flipkart.com

Purchase Online

Those who have already read this book please give your feedback to help others.


Hi, I'm Vineet Patawari. I fell in love with numbers after being scared of them for quite some time. Now, I'm here to make you feel comfortable with numbers and help you get rid of Math Phobia!


  1. dolly says:

    hi vineet, can u pls tell me how is book “magical book on quicker maths” by tyra different from “practice book on quicker maths” by kundan and tyra? i wish to buy one. what do you suggest?

  2. sourabh dhote says:

    my best book3

  3. shreyansh mishra says:

    good book it is

  4. aman tiwari says:

    jhakass book h

  5. Sherline says:

    Which edition on m tyra quickee maths is good…2000 or 2009 publication year

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  7. honey bedi says:

    this book is very gud for competitive exams and thanks to the owner of this website coz the website also contains best shortcut tricks and for this we shud thanks to the owner of this website….
    Thanks to the owner

  8. honey bedi says:

    this book is very gud foor competitive exams and thanks to the owner of this website coz the website also contains best shortcut tricks and for this we shud thanks to the owner of this website….
    Thanks to the owner

  9. PINTU KUMAR says:

    i am going to learn this book is very useful to competitive exam both bank and ssc exam.

  10. Shraman N L says:

    ?? ??????? ??? ?? ?????? ??? ??? ?? ????
    ???? ??? ?? ???? ??, ???? ??????? ????? ? -?????? ???? ????

  11. Jati Sharma says:


  12. CHIRAG says:

    thanks about the intro

  13. Atul Rane says:

    it’s good and useful book of every one.i was search this type of book since few yrs.
    so i got now thank you so much who published this book.

  14. Ravi Surana says:

    it’s an amazing book. this book has shortcuts for every topic covered in maths (quants)!

    I am sure others will also like it!

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