So You Think You Are Clever?

Here is quiz that is likely to engross you mentally for some time. Ponder on each one of them very carefully. At the end of it you might realize, how clever you are (or you are not). If you can answer 5 or more than that correct, I consider you exceptional.

  1. If 3 cats kill 3 rats in 3 minutes, how long will it take 100 cats to kill 100 rats?
  2. Is it legal for a man to marry his widow’s sister?
  3. A monkey is at the bottom of a 30-foot well. Each day he jumps up 3 feet and slips back two. At that rate when will the monkey reach the top of the well?
  4. I have 2 minutes to catch a train and 2 Km to go. If I go the first Km at the rate of 30 Km per hour, at what rate must I go the second Km in order to catch the train?
  5. The number of eggs in a basket doubles every minute. The basket is full of eggs in an hour. When was the basket hall full?
  6. What is the smallest number of ducks that could swim in this formation: two ducks in front of a duck, two ducks behind a duck and a duck between two ducks?
  7. A boat will carry only 200 pounds. How a man weighing 200 pounds and his two sons, each of whom weighs 100 pounds, use it to cross a river?

Leave your answers below as a comment.

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  1. Daniel
  2. kishlay
  3. Prashanth.B.R
  4. Tyler Zhu
    • ankit pradhan
  5. Tina
  6. sidhdharth vora
  7. kapila govind
  8. mohit
  9. amit Rawat
  10. Devraj
  11. Devraj
  12. Devraj
  13. Devraj
  14. VIkranthmech
  15. Kalyan
  16. Vasudevan
  17. smruti shetty
  18. harshith
  19. Nitin Sureka
  20. s.m.faraz
  21. anitha
  22. MAG
  23. ankeshkumarsingh
  24. Saurabh Pathak
  25. rakesh and jignesh
  26. Akshay
  27. Govind K. Bahroos
  28. Govind K. Bahroos
  29. sakshi
  30. Sandeep Baheti

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