Reasoning Puzzle

This is an arrangement related reasoning problem for you. Similar questions frequently appear in various competitive examinations. You will probably need a pen and paper to solve this.

So go ahead and solve it. All the best!!

Arrangement related Logical Reasoning Question


Bimla, champa, Tina and Alica are sitting around a table discussing their favorite sports.

a. Bimla sits directly across from the jogger.

b. Champa sits to the right of the racquetball player.

c. Alica sits across from Tina.

d. The golfer sits to the left of the tennis player.

e. A man sits on Tina’s right.

Question – What sport does each of the four prefer?

Leave your answers below.

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15 thoughts to “Reasoning Puzzle”

  1. bimla – tennis
    champa – golfer
    alica – racquetball
    tina – jogger

    what that is confusing is “e” i.e
    “A man sits on Tina’s right.”
    As he didn’t mention who is man /woman.

  2. no not difficult.. i suppose that dis puzzle is wrong.. bcz it doesn’t specify that
    “what is this ted ?? . According to ques Its neither a name of any person nor the name of any sport.

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