Red mark was placed on the forehead

While a red mark was placed on the forehead of each of three blindfolded women seated facing each other in a circle, they were told that the the mark might be either red or white. Upon removal of the blindfolds, each was to raise her hand if she saw at least one red mark, and then to take it down if she could logically deduce the color of her own mark. All three hands were quickly raised, but then one of them lowered her hand. How did she know?

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Vineet Patawari

Hi, I'm Vineet Patawari. I fell in love with numbers after being scared of them for quite some time. Now, I'm here to make you feel comfortable with numbers and help you get rid of Math Phobia!

3 thoughts to “Red mark was placed on the forehead”

  1. let 1st lady have red one.
    2nd lady has white one
    3rd lady has red one

    all three raises there hands
    1st sees 3rd lady’s red.
    2nd sees 1st lady’s red.
    3rd sees 1st lady’s red.

    1nd lady logically deduce that she got a red one since she saws that the 3rd lady raises her hand and hand raised is not for the 2nd lady having a white one so,automatically she got a red one.

  2. Well, tricky one and checked the solution on net. I do not completely agree with the fact that one can deduce the color of the hat.

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